Sony Xperia M vs Galaxy Grand Quattro

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Xperia M vs Galaxy Grand Quattro

Sony Xperia M vs Galaxy Grand Quattro

Have just about 16 Gs in your pocket and want to buy a Dual-SIM phone from a reputed company with good brand power? Sony or Samsung – which one to chose from? We bring you a couple of choices to look for – Sony Xperia M vs Galaxy Grand Quattro. Both come with Dual SIM version and both have a proven sales record with quite a good number of people having already bought the Single SIM version of these smartphones. We have used the M Dual for the comparision and start out with the Design element.


The Galaxy Grand looks like a smaller version of the Grand or just similar to the S3 owing to the similar bezel shared between the two. The Galaxy Range of phones have all got the same design, look and feel and although Sony hasn’t drastically changed it’s form factor with the Xperia Range either, it fares better than the Grand Quattro in our design test. The Xperia M looks beautiful with the addition of fresh design elements like the Xperia Power button on the side which is borrowed from the Xperia Z, LED notification just below the Home button rather than having it at the top beside the proximity sensor and the front facing camera.

Xperia M more 1

Xperia M side 2

The Xperia M is slimmer at 9.3mm than the Galaxy Grand Quattro which is 9.65mm thick. It also weighs in less than the Galaxy Grand(143 gms) at only a 115 gms. The Quattro gets one back in the Design category with a bigger screen at 4.7 inches as compared to the 4.0 inch Xperia M but eventually loses to the more dazzling Xperia M.

Unique Features

Both phones have their own set of unique features worth taking a note of, so we list a few of them down:

Xperia M

  • NFC - Pictures from last night’s party, or that great tune your friend is always asking about. With NFC-based one-touch functions, sharing your world has never been easier. All it takes is a simple click. No buttons, no wires, no confusion. Just your favourite entertainment. Xperia M – the magic NFC phone.
  • One-touch mirroring with NFC technology lets you enjoy content from your smartphone on your TV. Just touch your NFC phone to your BRAVIA® remote control to enjoy photos, games or movies on the big screen.
Xperia M Feature

Galaxy Grand Grand Quattro

  • Easy Mode - Easy Mode helps you access key functions such as favourite contacts, apps, dialer, etc on the homescreen with ease.
  • Simple motions (Gestures) over are understood, enabling you to perform common actions sampling by shaking the mobile (to update contents), turning it over (to instantly mute).
  • Smart Alert informs you of missed events when you pick up the phone again.

Galaxy Grand Quattro is a clear winner here in terms of truely unique features to show off. All these features and their working has been illustrated below.

Galaxy Grand Quattro USP


Pretty neck and neck in terms of Hardware! Although the Xperia M has a smaller screen space, it scores in terms of Display ppi by over 50!  Xperia M comes with 245 ppi whereas the Grand Quattro is just 198.5 ppi.  The Xperia also has a better GPU or Graphics Processing Unit Adreno 305 against the meagerly  Adreno 203 GPU in the Quattro. Since there are places where the Xperia M scores over the Grand Quattro, the latter holds it’s own in terms of General processing power (1.2 GHz Quad Core Cortex A-5) and screen estate available for viewing videos and pictures. This round ends in a draw!

Galaxy Grand Quattro USP 2


Sony Xperia M Dual – INR 14490

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro – INR 15900

So in terms of price the Xperia M Dual version is cheaper and offers a complete Xperia experience that Sony users love and that others envy.

Spec Sheet Shootout

Sony Xperia M Dual

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro


4 inches/115gm 4.7 inches/144gm

Screen Size

854×480 TFT with 245 ppi 800×480 WVGA with 198.5 ppi

Processing Power

1 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227 Krait 1.2 GHz Quad Core  Cortex-A5

Graphics Processor

Adreno 305 Adreno 203




4GB internal expandable to 32GB with MicroSD 8GB internal expandable to 32GB with MicroSD


1750 mAh10 hours talktime 2000 mAh11hours talktime


5 Megapixel Rear with LED FlashVGA FrontHD 720p video recording 5 Megapixel Rear with LED FlashVGA FrontHD 720p video recording

Total Unique Score




Our Take

The Sony Xperia M is a well rounded product wrapped in a Xperia Package. It’s good for gaming and for all your  multimedia needs. The Grand Quattro wont disappoint you in terms of screen size and Unique Features thanks to the New Samsung Touch Wiz UI. It’s very difficult to choose between the two and if you ask me, I would pick the Xperia M as a winner any day. But it’s upto you to decide which one you would buy in the end.

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