The iPhone 5C- officially announced

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iPhone 5C

Talking about the launch of the iPhone 5 last year, Tim Cook cited sales figures and other statistical data to bolster their decision of ” Replacing the iPhone 5 with not one, but TWO devices!- The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S

Woah! We almost heard Steve Jobs turn over in his grave. Making phones more “accessible” by lowering the price tag wasn’t really Apple’s USP. Here’s what we’re going to get bundled in the iPhone 5C. Let’s look at which rumours finally made it to the unveiling at Cupertino.

The iPhone 5C sure is a riot of Color! CLosely resembling Nokia’s Lumia range, they proudly flaunt bright hues of yellow, pink, blue, green and white.

iPhone 5C

Yes. This is one gadget that doesn’t leave you high and dry with drab old black and white. You have a blitzkreig of colors to pick from as is clearly evident from this picture. Also, the entire back and front are made from a single surface of glass, with multi touch capabilities on the front face.

iPhone 5C

As predicted, the device comes with wallpapers to match.

iPhone 5C

You can deck your iPhone 5C in a range of bright croc- like silicone cases.The back is made from polycarbonate reinforced with steel construction.


The Tech Specs

  • 4 inch retina display
  • Higher capacity battery than previous iPhones
  • Powered by an Apple designed, A6 Chip
  • 8 MP rear iSight camera
  • Five Element lens
  • FaceTime HD Camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • iOS 7
  • Variants of 16 and 32 gigs

Following the tech specs, Phil Schiller begins to wax eloquent on the iPhone 5Cs ‘unapologetically plastic’ design. And well, after a brief video documenting the unapologeticness of the 5C was beamed, attention moved over to the iPhone 5S.

A Quick Recap

This collage ought to do it all.

iPhone 5C

What we think

The iPhone 5C is priced at $549 off contract for the 16 GB version. Needless to say, we really couldn’t think of what to react. Let’s see what the market has to say.

Drop in your feedback in the comments below. And if you manage to lay your hands on one of these- we’d like to know how you liked it!


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