How to Flash a Bricked Nokia Lumia 820/920|WP8

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In this guide, I will explain the process of flashing a Lumia WP8 phone. In this case, a Lumia 820. The process, however,  remains the same for all Nokia Lumia WP8 Phones. I’ve seen people getting bootloops and bricks even while updating their software normally via the official update. Here’s a guide on how to flash a bricked Nokia Lumia 820/920|WP8.


This is only to be used when you somehow brick your Lumia i.e the device won’t boot to the start screen at all, or if it has a bootloop. You may even use the following guide in case some major bug wasn’t solved with a software update.

  • First of all you need the flash files i.e the firmware and the flasher tool :

DOWNLOAD HERENaviFirmPlus 1.7 and Nokia Care Suite 5.0 (2012.45.4.5)

  •  Extract NavifirmPlus in a destination where you have at least 2 GB of Disk space, since the WP8 ROMs are really big, around 1.2 -.5 GB depending on variants.
  •  Extract the Nokia Care Suite and run the setup.

[In case you do not have all the dependencies it will give you a link in a pop up box and quit the setup. Copy the link and paste it in your browser. Download the file and install it. Go for the Nokia Care Suite setup again, which should now install without any problem. If you still have issues, do let me know in the comments below. I'll help you out.]

  • Start Navifirm Plus and let it load the first column.

[If you get any errors here, you probably do not have .net framework 4 installed. Install .net framework 4(a quick google search shall answer how) and try again.]

  • Now click on “Clear Local Cache”. It’s at the top and let the “Server” box show as “Nokia Care Suite”.
  • In the first column you’ll find a list of phones with their RM- numbers. Now since I’m covering Lumia 820, I will type “Lumia 820″ in the search box. If you do not know which RM- you own, pull off the back cover and look under the battery.

Let’s consider RM-824.

  • In the release column, select the Firmware version you want (We suggest going for the latest version.).
  • Under Variants, choose any color. The variants don’t matter, it can be anything. The RM- number, however, has to be the same.
  • Once you have selected the variant, make sure all the files have a tick in the “File:” section. Click on download.(This should be around 1-1.3 GB in total.)
  • When done, go to C:ProgramDataNokiaPackages. You might have trouble finding this path, in which case, go to folder options and tick “Show hidden files and folders”.
  • Now that you are in this folder, make a new folder inside a folder called “Packages” and name the newly created folder “RM-820″
  • Copy all the files you that downloaded from Navifirm and paste it into the RM-820 folder.
  • Run Nokia Care Suite. Do Not Plug the Phone into USB as yet and make sure it’s switched OFF completely.
  • Launch Product Support Tool for Store 5.0 and click on File>Open Product
  • Choose RM-824 (This is what I have, you need to select the RM- you have under the battery)
  • Towards the bottom click Programming > Recovery. You should see the firmware you downloaded in the properties. The software will check the package contents and will fail to find the phone. It will ask you to reboot and will prompt you to “retry”. Do Not click Retry as yet.

Instead do exactly what’s mentioned in the point below.

  • Hold the Volume Down and the Power button on the phone together and click then hit the “retry” button. After you feel a vibration in the phone immediately release the Volume Down and the Power button and hold the Volume up buttonContinue to hold the volume up button and you will see the software say “Rebooting”.

After about 15 seconds you will see your NOKIA logo and the software will start flashing the phone. Let the flash complete and the phone should boot normally again.

We hope this solves your problem. In case you get stuck anywhere or face any difficulties, do let us know in the comments below. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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  • Myename

    How long I have to hold the Volume Up button?

  • Muathaz Hassan Moidu

    Excellent tutorial! I revived my 720 just now.

    Was struggling before I saw this article.

  • Babatope Oni

    my phone did not still come on

  • Simon Green

    that only works for 920 not 820

  • jay

    when I launch Navifirm I get this message “Service specific exception:”. I have netframework 4 and the care suite installed, could you help me my phone needs to be flashed and I’m useless without it.

    • JK

      Nokia has blocked It, Navifirm no longer works.

  • yadeeshkumar

    hi dude ,
    i did my lumia 720 flashing after recovery completes successfully , its showing the nokia logo and not booting up again showing only nokia logo only , please help me to resolve this issue

  • Gerrie

    I Did all of this but my phone freeze with the flash and wheel sign on the screen.Can you help please?

  • srm

    OFFLINE NOKIFIRM nokia flash file download

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    My phone is dead .I cant feel any vibration while holiding power and volume buttons simultaneosly.They are unresponsive
    What can i do?
    I am desperately searching for a solution all over the net but unable to find one
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