Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update (V3) Now Available

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Just a few days ago, Micromax promised its A110 Canvas 2 users of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. And today, this Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update has finally been put up on the Micromax FTP site. In case you are unsure of the procedure to manually update to Android 4.1. Jelly Bean or using SP Flash Tools, it would be better to get the handset upgraded from the Micromax Service center. Although it may be a few days before service centers download the update.

In case you want to update to Stock Cynus T2 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM with ROOT access, you can refer to our previous article on [How To] Update Micromax A110 Canvas 2 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.


How to update Micromax A110 Canvas 2 to V3 ROM:

1. Install the Micromax A110 Canvas 2 drivers from above
2. Next you must extract both SP Flash Tools and V3_120313_Update to Jelly Bean zip files. Open the SP Flash Tools
3. Click on the Scatter-Loading button and browse to the MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt within the extracted S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10 folder

Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update -

Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update -

4. In Flash Tool, go to Options and Click USB Mode so that it is enabled. Again go to Options > DA Download All > Speed > Force to high speed.
5. Now Switch off the phone completely.
6. Now on the opened SP Flash tool window, click the Firmware->Upgrade button. Ignore the warning messages and click on ‘Yes’
7. After performing upper step connect your phone to your PC.
8. Assuming that the drivers have installed properly the upgrade process will start. The Flash Tool will start the flashing process, the progress of which can be viewed from a yellow progress bar at the bottom of the Flash Tool
(Do not unplug / disconnect / abort the process unless you see the OK message)

Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update -

9. After the process completes, a Green Ring will appear on your device signalling that the process was successfully completed

Official Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update -

It may take a little longer to start for the first time and you will see the superfone logo for a little longer time, it’s normal.

Flashing CWM recovery + ROOTING on Stock Jelly Bean V3:

  1. Download CWM Recovery package from here
  2. Rename the file to recovery.img and go to the S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10 folder and replace the original with this one
  3. Now Click on the Scatter-Loading button and choose the MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt
  4. Now, you will see multiple entries, just uncheck all entries except for Recovery
  5. Now click on Recovery and choose the clockworkmod recovery.img (placed within S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10 folder). Make sure that nothing other that Recovery is checked. Click Download
  6. Now switch off your phone and connect your phone to the PC with Volume Up key held. It will start flashing your phone with the new recovery.img.
  7. The Flash Tool will start the flashing process, the progress of which can be viewed from a yellow progress bar at the bottom of the Flash Tool
    (Don’t interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device)
  8. After the process completes, a Green Ring will appear on your device signalling that the process was successfully completed
  9. Now you can disconnect your phone and boot into recovery mode via the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button. Choose Recovery mode from the next screen. You should now see the CWM Recovery menu
  10. Flash the SU binaries if you want root. Just place it in the SD card go to CWM recovery and select the option Apply Update from SD Card
  11. Now you have CWM recovery + ROOT access on your Micromax A110 running stock Jelly Bean V3

Alternative Easier Method: Flash Stock Jelly Bean V3 using CWM recovery [Pre-Rooted]

  1. Root your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and install CWM recovery using our guide (Skip this step if you have already rooted with CWM recovery installed)
  2. Download this CWM flashable zip. (all credits to paplu3 on XDA). This zip file is a CWM flashable version of the V3_120313_Update to Jelly Bean ROM
  3. Transfer the downloaded zip file to your phone’s Internal Storage
  4. Switch off your phone and enter CWM recovery by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously till the screen lights up
  5. A screen will ask you whether you want to go to Recovery or to Factory mode. Press Volume Up to go to CWM recovery mode
  6. Select the Install Zip from SD card option and browse and select the zip file you downloaded in step 2
  7. After the installation of the zip file completes, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache. Also go in Advanced>Wipe Dalvik Cache
  8. Click on reboot phone now

The easiest method according to us is the one using CWM, especially if you have already installed CWM recovery on your device. The CWM flashable zip is PRE-ROOTED. So no trouble of following another guide in order to root after you’ve flashed the official V3 Jelly Bean update. Good luck.

Software Release Notes:

  1. Operating system is upgraded from ICS to Jelly bean
  2. M! Store is removed
  3. New wallpapers are integrated
  4. Software is backward compatible with old TP available(BYD Make)

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  • Kiluam

    FTP micromax site id and password

    • Ashay Mhatre

      Look at the 1st pic :)

  • Akshay Sharma

    guys my phone is already rooted and running the stock ics rom
    and ya i will install cwm
    so which method shoud i use
    and how to root this v3 rom after installing???
    reply ASAP

    • Ashay Mhatre

      use 2nd method! And its pre-rooted! so no need to root again!

      • Akshay Sharma

        ty bro
        one more ques
        is dis the stock rom which is rooted
        means the rom which is provide my micromax?

        • Ashay Mhatre

          yes its the stock V3 Jelly Bean ROM with root-access :)

          • Akshay Sharma

            dude sorry but can u plz tell me
            about what to do for backing up the whole data?

          • Ashay Mhatre

            use Titanium Backup and backup all user apps+data and whenever you need them just restore them :)

  • Shubham Dhamande

    is it necessary to backup internal memory before upgrading?

    • Ashay Mhatre

      always a good option to backup!

  • Varun Jain VJ

    does it void warranty

    • Kunal Wanvari

      No !

    • Ashay Mhatre

      nope as this is official Jelly Bean update by Micromax!

  • jasmare

    i am trying to do first method…but there is no progress…it just stuck on 0%… :(

    • Kunal Wanvari

      :o it workled for many ! wait we shall get bk asap

    • Ashay Mhatre

      uninstall all the MTK VCOM drivers
      and reboot PC twice
      then install drivers again

  • Naveen Kumar

    i just installed jellybean using 3rd method…
    and its working like a charm…thanks to you Ashay Mhatre…:-) :-)
    but i can still see superuser app this means my phone is still rooted
    can i unroot my android without leaving any trail ??
    i just want to get back warranty,just in case!
    is there any way??
    and again thanks a lot dude :-) :-)

    • Ashay Mhatre

      you’re welcome :) thanks for your feedback

      • Prakash Saraf

        Ashay you simply awesome above driver worked now i have jelly bean in my canvas 2. I owe you a bottle of bear

        • Ashay Mhatre

          yay :D

  • zen

    if the download doesnt start then disconnect and connect ur ph.

  • farhan khan

    stuck at 0% wat to do,,,, and when I connect my phone then one of the driver is not installed ie: Micromax A110.. it comes Failed….

    • JJ Singh

      facing same prob…. any solutions?

      • Ashay Mhatre

        uninstall all the MTK VCOM drivers
        and reboot PC twice
        then install drivers again

  • Vipin Sharma

    guys 3rd process is the simple one jst read the instructions..:)
    nd jst go for ANDROID JELLY BEAN 4.1.1..:)

    • Ashay Mhatre

      you’re welcome Vipin :)

      • Ashay Mhatre

        he means the CWM one guys :)

  • Omkar Mishra

    Trying out option 1..It still shows ‘Searching’ and stuck at 0%.. Plz help…

    • Ashay Mhatre

      uninstall all the MTK VCOM drivers
      and reboot PC twice
      then install drivers again

  • Atul Kale

    sir please help me my phone never get turn on what can i do please help i use first method

    • Ashay Mhatre

      have you rooted? or have CWM recovery? can you tell us more about your issue?

  • Arjun MC

    Will the 1st process work in Windows 7???
    Becoz im not able to install any drivers from Win7

    • Ashay Mhatre

      Yes it will work in Win7. Try different PC ports or some other PC if you have problem installing drivers. if some drivers wont get installed try uninstalling all the MTK VCOM drivers and reboot PC twice then install drivers again

      • Gurdeep Singh Basra

        Hi Akshya,
        After updating my Canvas 2 to JB,display is not proper and some linings are there…..kindly help.

  • Shreekant Rathod

    all the process done but phone is not starting plz reply

    • Ashay Mhatre

      is your phone rooted? do you have CWM recovery?

  • kai100

    i want to root the jelly bean myself what should i do
    and ROOT and RESTORE by Bin4ry is not working for jelly bean rom

    • Ashay Mhatre

      why don’t you try the 2nd method? It’s by far the easiest!

  • annon

    using method 3 i get signature verification failed?, installation quits. please help

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      try method 2

  • Viral Patel

    Hi I have updated the unrooted Jelly bean on my canvas a110. Now i
    want to root it. i can’t do it with different options i tried. please
    suggest some other option. i also can’t install/flash CWM recovery on
    it. please do it asap

  • Rahul

    If we have not flashed cwm recovery we dont need to flash stock recovery ,right ?

    • Ashay Mhatre

      what you have by default when you buy the device is stock recovery. you flash CWM recovery for more options and custom roms. If you want to return back to stock recovery from CWM, you flash stock recovery via Mobile Uncle MTK Tools

  • Dhaval Joshi

    ftp password error password incorrect

    • Ashay Mhatre

      Yes we have stated that :)

  • TejasH Mandalaywala

    ive updated to jellybean,but my ear speaker stopped working. then i again applied v2 rom and again it started working. did it couple of times and same problem arised.
    my phone is not rooted

    • Anish

      similar problem for me…Ear speaker working but phone not responding to pause/play button of earphone… any solution??? please help… it was working with ICS….

  • Dhiru

    Damm gud post dude…Tnx a lot..well elaborated… Thumbs UP…:)

    • Ashay Mhatre

      thanks alot for your feedback :)

  • Prakash Saraf

    I am using Windows 7 x64 and even though i have installed the driver and connect after switching off the Canavs 2, i see the windows is again trying to install the driver and it fails and nothing happens beyond that,, i think i saw somewhere on net that we can’t follow above process in Windows 7 x64 pc. i really need to install Jellybean but unrooted one. Please help

    • Ashay Mhatre

      try out the new drivers provided in downloads sections

      • Prakash Saraf

        still not working!!!

  • Chelsea for life

    What is the username password for the micromax ftp site??

    • Ashay Mhatre

      they have blocked the old one. No idea about it now. You will find stock roms uploaded on file sharing sites. try xda for links.

  • Prakash Patariya

    thank u ashay

    • Ashay Mhatre

      you’re welcome :)

  • Drake

    do I need a p c or computer to upgrade my Micromaxcare A110 phone

    • Ashay Mhatre


  • Subhajit Maji

    I followed the 2nd step and its done till that green circle OK logo..but after that when i switch on the phone its showing “Type password to decrypt the phone”…NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZZ!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashay Mhatre

      never heard of such a thing :/

  • Rohan

    brother after update in jelly bean there are create a error in play-store download which are shown in (error while retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]).. how to solve this problem? please help me..

  • Facebook User

    Can you find a way to install apps in external SD of canvas HD without rooting it. I think you can do it :-) I will be very happy

  • buntyrocks

    just did it with cwm recovery method… flawless method… am so happy.
    was a bit concerned if it wud fail …? but hats off dude for this very simple method…
    thanks a lotttttt :)

    • Ashay Mhatre

      you are welcome :)

  • deepak

    can i delete v3 file from my sd card after installation

    • Ashay Mhatre

      yes you can :)

  • Viral Patel

    How can i root my canvas 2 after upgrading to jelly bean?

    • Ashay Mhatre

      look at the Flashing CWM recovery + ROOTING on Stock Jelly Bean V3: section :)

      • Vral Patel

        Sir i tried the same and still not succeded. I’ve captured the error screen shot for you. How can i send it to you for your review? Let me send it to your email address @ Please let me know the solution asap.

        • Ashay Mhatre

          re-install the drivers….or maybe try other usb ports….try on a different pc

  • Naveen Kr Singh

    I have just installed jelly bean in Micromax a110 by first method without any problem and from my thinking first method is easy

  • swapnil

    i tried 3rd methos but it says ….. signature failed installation failed .. i have rooted my phone by binary, but not cmw recovery …. help me plz

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      try method 1 or 2 .. people claim that they work :)

  • mayur parmar

    ii am done with the first method…after uninstalling all MTK VKOM and installing driver for w7 64 bit. its working very smoothly…thnku uploader…. :)

    • Ashay Mhatre

      you’re welcome :)

  • sandeep

    how to install drivers in windows 8 please some one help me?

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      Use a diff PC..or try using a Virtual Box.. You have to use a Win 7 device only

      • sandeep

        thanks a lot it worked….

  • Munirul Islam Saeed

    Thanks buddy… it works. i used 1st method.

    • Ashay Mhatre

      good to know :)

  • Amar Nagi

    hi i have a question
    i downloaded a rom for micromax a110. its name hypermod. when i install this rom my device, every thing working awsom but only wifi is not working. can u help me i like really very much this rom.

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      There might be a problem with a ROM. there are many instances when ROMs are broken or incomplete.. might be a minor issue.. contact the developer

  • mayur parmar

    Can i connect my canvas 2 to tv…if yes then how…pls help if u are aware of it. :(

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      HEY @mayur There is something known as an HDMI to micro USB wire. If ut tv supports HDMI it will work

  • Tarakesh Gogi

    Please help me with the installation of MT6577 USB VCOM drivers….i am using Windows 8 64 bit system…

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @google-119604bd40b7f5b0358df946466e6028:disqus We are afraid it only works on a Win7 or XP

  • ater

    how to resolve my both simcard low connection.. tq…

  • sam

    ur rocking man its working simply super

  • sam

    can we have 4.2 version for micromax a110 it will be great if you test it suggest

  • FAzil

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  • Sukh Gill

    hey dude thats safe or not

    • Ashay Mhatre

      totally safe :)

  • Anupam Dubey

    i have upgraded my phone to JB but now it is not detecting any of my sim :(( plz help me dude…

  • vivek

    Thank you bro…

    its reall good

    but why menu background still black???
    do something for it pls…

    • Deependra Chauksey

      Change You Launcher… Use Micromax Bolt A35 Launcher..

  • Divyash

    hey…due to some errors..durin te process…my phone its not turnin on again…so wad can i do make it on

    • Divyash

      can u help sayin how to solve tiz..problem…

      • Ashay Mhatre

        just re-flash via sp flash tools or else service center and don’t tell them what you were trying. bluff them that your phone won’t start after leaving it to charge at night :P

  • Saikrishna

    I have just seen this Upgrading to jelly bean. As i have started the process number 1 but as i have done it as you have mentioned above but how much time does it takes to start ??

    • Saikrishna

      But i have waited for 30min but it has not started till now ???

      • Ashay Mhatre

        uninstall and re-install the drivers again. I guess its a problem with the drivers!

  • sooraj

    Thanks a lot i updated to jb wur grace….

  • Anupam Dubey

    Ashay Mhatre my phone’s proximity sensor is not working properly after upgrade to JB.

    Need assistance immediately :)

    Thanks :)

  • Subramani

    Hi, I brought my Canvas 2 last week. It is loaded with stock Jelly bean. I want to root my phone and unable to do it. I find it difficult to root with the method provided above. Please let me know how do I root my canvas phone.

  • susil

    after upgrade to v3 my gps not working……help me

  • Vinay

    I have successfully updated my A110 to Jelly Bean. But unable to get a fix on GPS. Please help.

  • Prakash

    I updated to jelly bean in micromax service center. Everything is working fine, except one thing. When i sent a message even in silent mode, balance notification is coming, but with sound ( with full volume ). Please tell me how to solve this…..

    • anonymous

      Balance notifications are based on media volume .. open music player, minimise the volume.. new there u go

  • Yusaku Manthesh

    thank u …….it works …….


    plz tell me how to install jelly bin 4.2.1 on my iphone 5s ????
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  • Sameer

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  • shwetank

    Can i removed systems apps

  • shashnk

    I am not able to officially upgrade. The sp flash tools progress bar does not move forward.Please provide the solution for this issue

  • Kamaldeep

    i just bought a new micromax a110 and i am already bothered with a annoying problem
    the volume of the phone gets low automatically. I increased it from the side + button and then did a call and when i checked again the volume was down to low. I tried this many times and its the same problem ( No i am not pressing the – button while my call goes on). I checked all the settings and its not fixing it up. Can you suggest me something with it ?

  • newdroid

    is it good to upgrade via scatter loading with the phone already rooted?

    • newdroid

      now, i just upgraded to JB by CWM method.. but i was so stupid to take the back up of the unsynced contacts / messages / apps on my phone.. (i’m dead !!) .. can anyone pls help me to restore the contacts back at least??? pls pls pls ..

  • Rajat Sharma

    hey is this rom also works for canvas music ? plz help !

  • Anupam Dubey

    i have installed it by 1st method….every thing works well except proximity sensor,some time it take 5-8 secs to activate…i really need help bro…can u provide me ICS stock rom??
    or by this rom am i void the warranty ?? do u have any idea about it??
    waiting for ur positive reply….thanks :)

  • sunny

    any update for Canvas 3d

  • Alan Thomas Sunish

    i updated mmx canvas 2 to 4.1.1 …. and im stuck on how to root it…. i didnt understand this step bro … “Rename the file to recovery.img and go to the S9081_MP_F4.1_B1_IN_MMX_1.10 folder and replace the original with this one”… do i have to copy the “s9081″ folder to my sd card or sumthin… could u reply in detail… thanx. :)

  • Santhosh

    Actually i have rooted my Micromax A110 Canvas 2 running in ICS successfully. But i haven’t done CWM flash memory. Now i am planning to update to Jelly Bean. After updating will it be rooted or do i need to root again. If so what is the procedure for it? Also please help me to know what is CWM and whether this CWM flash is mandatory ?

  • Aayush

    why micromax canvas 2(A110) has not been launched and jeally bean to 4.2.1 atleast as all the phones had launched so its requeste to launche new os with lockscreen wallpaper

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    thanks budyy your post is jst awesome !!!

  • ibnul

    my canvas two is showing only shortcuts while connected wid pc..
    wat r the solutions for it.?

  • Sridhar

    my canvas 2 got update 4.1.1 but i am getting below error while downloading the apps from play store.(rpc:s3 error while reterving the information server)

  • Jake @3

    I have a problem after flashing the official JB 4.1.1 in mmx A110 the problem is that the default wallpaper of the colourful houses from that th first house’s Roof & Vent apear blurish why is that so ?
    Plz someone Help me with this Issue !
    Any Flashable mods are available for this ?

  • harishs

    After upgrading to JB……..Was not able to chnge audio tracks frm headset…….
    Help me out to solve this prob………

  • mahesh chandpa

    Plz Create Jelly bean 4.2 update for Canvas A110 .. it’s time to update
    I am using A110 since 7 month and jelly bean 4.1 is in-built
    but according to cell performance need to update upper version of OS
    whereas can be compared to new launching cell phone …

    Canvas A110 is awesome then other Cell phone company ….

  • Anshu Chaudhary

    it is saying installation aborted if i am using
    Flash Stock Jelly Bean V3 using CWM ??
    What should i do now???

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    My phone is shwing Canvas logo with Jelly bin 4.1.1 in phone info. is this fine.
    Also, please let me know how I can disconnect the call by using power button.

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