Sony Xperia Z Vs HTC One

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So HTC has launched its Official Flagship Device for 2013 called the ONE – sounds like a  Jet Li movie, right? HTC has made it clear with this launch, that it wants to take on other manufacturers head-on, no matter what it takes and is presenting pretty serious contenders for the best Flagship device of 2013, HTC One, HTC Butterfly. But does it have enough to beat the Beast from Sony’s stables, the Xperia Z? Lets find out!


The very first thing one looks for in a flagship device is whether its design is worth the moolah, ones going to drop on it just to make him/her stand apart from the crowd. The Xperia Z wins this one hands down. WHY you ask? Here’s why  -

The Xperia Z was dressed to kill no matter which angle you look it up from. Sony believe they have combined the perfect blend of style and elegance and that they have come up with a revolutionary design with this balance – so much so, that they have a name for it – OmniBalance Design. We first thought this was all an over-the-top way of selling the phone, a gimmick, if you may, but when we saw the phone’s launch during CES 2013, we were mesmerized by its beauty!

Just have a look below and decide for yourself -

 Sony Xperia Z

The slim 7.9 mm body has a reflective glass surface and looks and feels slick. The glass on the back is as tough as the one on the front so you needn’t worry about breaking it. Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fibre polyamide, the same material used in cars.

In Sony’s words -

The design is focused on creating balance and symmetry in all directions. Xperia Z has beautiful rounded edges and smooth, reflective surfaces on all sides, which are held together by an innovative skeleton frame.

HTC One comes second in this race, but doesn’t lose by much distance. It’s made out of aluminum and is about 9.3 mm thick. HTC says its design is built to be tough and rugged with a Zero Gap Construction. The outlines look lovely, so does the design on the back but it would still feel like a thin metal slab in your hand. And the HTC unibody is looking a but tired now. And though the Dual Frontal Speakers serve a very good purpose, they aren’t very pleasing to the eye.

HTC One Design

Unique Features

This attribute also tops the priority list for many high end phone buyers and is important for those bragging rights that come with owning a new phone. Its 2013 and all smartphone nowadays come with plenty of features, but what is that unique factor about these two and who wins here? Lets see what Sony has to offer first, since it won Round 1, followed by the HTC One. Here’s the straight spec shootout!

Sony Xperia Z

  1. Dust Resistant
  2. Water Resistant upto 30 min
  3. HDR Video Recording : Better in low light conditions and better for backlight videos facing the sun
  4. Capturing images and recording videos under water upto 1 meter
  5. Battery STAMINA Mode : improves standby time by four times, more applications, bigger the effect

Complete list of Features of  Xperia Z, here

xperia z dust resistant design
Xperia Z’s Dust Resistant design
xperia z water resistant design
Xperia Z’s Water Resistant design


  1. Ultrapixel Camera Sensor : Captures 300% more light than ordinary camera sensors
  2. HTC Zoe Videos : Videos captured one second before the shutter is pressed and three seconds after- for a four second video
  3. Dual frontal stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers
  4. Optical Image Stabilization : Images are stabilised even before they are converted into digital information
  5.  468 ppi Display with ultrapixel technology : Bigger size of the pixel than other phones
  6. Software/s  : BlinkFeed: A new homescreen interface – Where you pick news that interests you, images, social network feeds, just about anything! And share it with your friends, wherever you are, and the interface is mindblowingly beautiful! HTC Sense 5.0

Complete list of Features of HTC One, here

Clearly, the HTC One won here.

HTC One -
BlinkFeed on HTC One
Zoe Video on HTC One

HTC boomSound

The Verdict

Both phones proved their mettle and could be termed as Galaxy S3 killers (yes we know S4 launch will change that anyway). And they didn’t stop there. Each phone has its flaws in its strengths. For instance, though the Dual Glass body on Sony is amazing to look at, it does attract a lot of finger prints.

The HTC One on the other hand, goes one better against the Xperia Z with its 1.7 GHz Quad core Snapdragon 600 processor instead of a 1.5 GHz Quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro on the Sony, and 32 GB internal Storage instead of 16 GB on the Sony, it lacks in the design department and is no match for Sony’s dust and water resistant features and more Media Connectivity and Sharing options than HTC with One-Touch Mirroring, One-Touch Backup, Smart Connect and Connect and Drive.

So who won the Sony Xperia Z Vs HTC One Challenge?

HTC One! End of Story!












About Rohit Bhatia

Gizmophiliac. Tech enthusiast. Sony boy & Real Madrid fan.Want a phone with a cross platform capable of running all OSes . If u find one, pls tell me about it.


  • giri5in

    Very bad comparison…

    • Kunal Wanvari

      what would you want us to add? we love suggestions ! :)

  • roeshak

    Blinkfeeds tand zoe are marketing gimmicks. I’ll bet you anything that users of the one will quickly become fed up of blinkcrap and zoejoke will just be for show off. It won’t add anything meaningful to the user experience.
    On the other hand the z has more mainstream features that average consumers would appreciate. Water proofing and extensive connectivity options especially all the clever nfc stuff.
    It’s the same thing every year now, you hear the tech blogs going crazy about the processing specs of the HTC but that never translates into strong sales. Sony outsold HTC in 2012 even with a much lower speced phone like the xperia S. The Z will totally distroy the one as far as sales go.
    HTC problem is their phones lack mainstream appeal. Too much spec andand no real narative for consuners as to why it would improve their lives.

    • Rohit Bhatia

      Yeah, Roeshak, that feature might get boring after a while. Sony’s build quality is impeccable and i have always been a fan of that. But with the Ultrapixel tech HTC have tried to differentiate in the Phone Camera wars and might prove to be a game changer,

  • Ravi Theja

    Oh please! Sony’s build quality is unmatched and many are attracted towards the dust and waterproofing standards set by it. The specs of HTC are just obtained by software whereas Sony has real hardware to go with.
    There is no end of story here.

    • Kunal Wanvari

      hey rajiv !
      Thanks for the input ! A smartphone can’t just be judged on the hardware can it ? XPERIA Z is the finest phone made by sony till date – agreed | xperia z is the best looking phone made by sony – agreed | xperia z is waterproof and dustproof – agreed | BUT WHAT ABOUT SPECS ? Believe us when we say the s4 pro is no match for the s600 proccessor , the native sense 5.0 UI is the best sense till date with blinkfeed and a butter smooth feel ! The XPERIA Z beats any phone when it comes to lloks and build quality , but that’s not al we look for in a phone right ?

      P.S : The author Rohit Bhatia is a die hard sony fanboy :)

      Thanks for your views again ! We just write what we feel personally , but smartphones are something personal , every person has a different perept , the best we at gizmophiliacs can do is put all the specs and features on display and let you guys decide !

    • Rohit Bhatia

      i am all praise for sony’s hardware but every time sony announces a killer piece, HTC and other come up with a newer phone in terms of software. HTC has to be given credit here even though i never found their One X or One X+ better.

  • Srujay Parekh

    Both are designed for different people.. 1.5 vs 1.7 ghz is barely anything for regular users.
    Secondly sony will appeal to more mature audiences such as business users, corporate. While htc one is more for the cool youth audience.

    I am a young entrepreneur and I find it hard to roam around wid htc one in office environment. It’s beautiful but xperia z is more classy and enviable ..

    z battery will surely last a bit longer and waterproofing is a great feature. Much more important than zoe n blink feed. I rather use flip board.


    • Rohit Bhatia

      U have got it spot on! the design lines on HTC One do make it for um ppl from the younger age grps. But i am pretty sure, even they would love the simplicity and elegance of Xperia Zs design…not in those words exactly. Sony makes Android phones look really classy n premium.

  • rajeev

    which of these has a good cam ??? xperia z with 13 mpxl or htc one with 4 ultra pixel ???

    • Shobith

      Hey Rajeev…if u want best picture quality of a sample pic even after zooming go for xperia z…..but if u ‘re interested with htc’s camera…go for it…but u wont be getting the same quality of the pics taken in htc afrer zooming..:(
      Thank u…!!!

      • Rohit Bhatia

        That’s true Shobith. Rajeev,If the 4 mp HTC cam isnt something you would be comfortable with, then go for Xperia Z.

  • Rich

    Cameras have also shown to be better in different stages.
    For close ups and low light, the ultrapixels win with the image chip and larger pixel sizes.
    For long range aka scenic shots, the higher megapixel count on the sony wins out due to the higher amount of detail it can capture. This really depends on how you use your phone camera most times.

  • syed zubair

    which is the best in all terms, sony r htc

    • Kunal Wanvari

      Hey syed !
      In terms of software we would say the htc one wins hands down ! However, in terms of build quality xperia z gts the edge !

  • Thakur Suneja

    awesome post sir :)