Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720 : The In-House Windows Phone 8 Battle Heats Up

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Nokia Lumia+Windows Phone 8. This combo has been touted as one of the most innovative combinations to have occurred in the smartphone industry. But it came with a price tag that qualified only for high-end smartphones. This of course is history now; what with the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 being launched at the MWC 2013 to join the mid-range bandwagon along with the Nokia Lumia 620. One is bound to be in great dilemma as to which of the three would be the best. Here’s where we step in to help you choose better! Presenting- Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720:

Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720


Tech Specs


Design and Form Factor

The 620 looks rather round and bulbous in comparison to both 520 and 720. The Nokia Lumia 720 is the slimest of the 3 at a thickness of about 9 mm. All 3 devices weigh nearly the same! Nokia Lumia 720 comes with wireless charging snap on covers and an NFC based car dock for navigation.



While the 720 comes packed with a 4.3″ large screen, sunlight readability and the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 with 217 ppi pixel density, the 620 has a 3.8″ screen, sunlight readability with  246 ppi pixel density and the 520 has an ordinary 4″ screen with 233 ppi pixel density. The 720 definitely kills competition where the display is concerned!


When it comes to processor, all the three handsets are powered by a 1GHz dual core Qualcomm MSM8227 Snapdragon S4 processor. The Snapdragon S4 chipset uses Krait processor and enables the devices to communicate quickly, efficiently and most importantly reduces the heat, thereby allowing the handsets to have enhanced battery life by reducing processing power wastage.

Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720


Both Lumia 520, 620 house a 5MP rear camera. However, minor difference seeps in, as Lumia 520 comes with autofocus and lacks a front camera for video calling. However, Lumia 620 is packed with an autofocus and LED flash along with a VGA front camera for video calling. At the same time, Lumia 720 comes with a superior 6.7MP camera equipped with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and LED flash and has a 1.3MP front camera capable of recording 720p videos. What gives it an edge over the Lumia 520 and 620 is the Nokia Place Tag Camera Lens ! Photography with the Nokia Lumia 720 is an absolute treat because of this amazing feature. 



When it comes to data connectivity, Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720 come with decent connectivity features including dual band Wi-Fi, average 3G download speeds, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP and micro USB 2.0. However, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720 score higher with NFC connectivity for easier mobile payments.


Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720



Battery life is one of the few important things one considers while investing into a smartphone. One can’t expect a very great battery life out of any smartphone though. While Lumia 520 has a 1,430 mAh battery delivering up to 360 hours backup, Lumia 620 comes with a 1,300 mAh battery offering 330 hours backup and Lumia 720 is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery with a greater backup of 520 hours.


The Nokia Lumia 620 is soon to be launched in India for INR 15,000. Nokia Lumia 520 and 720, each of which were launched at the MWC 2013, are expected to be priced at INR 10,000 and INR 19,000 respectively.

Nokia Lumia 520 vs 620 vs 720


Our Verdict

Being based on the same version of the operating system, all the three smartphones might offer a similar user experience. However, they have distinguished features that will make them unique.

For those looking to own an entry level smartphone, Lumia 520 with pretty basic hardware and compromising a front camera yet packed with all the innovative and amazing features that Windows Phone 8 has to offer should be a great choice at a price point as low as INR 10,000. Lumia 620, which is to come to India soon is a good mid-range offering, however, Lumia 720 can be claimed as the best smartphone offering among the three as it comes with a better display, improved camera performance and enhanced battery backup!

Any comments, questions, or just about anything you’d like to know about Windows Phone, feel free to drop us a comment in the section below.

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  • Shaun Rebello

    good review :)

    • Kunal Wanvari

      hey shaun,
      thanks for the feedback mate :) do stick around for more tech related news,reviews and fun :)

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Hey Shaun, thanks for the feedback! :)

  • hawaiiinsomniac

    Thanks for the comparison… I lost my phone and I’m debating between the 620 and the 720… I think I am going to wait for the 720!

    great article! =]

    (this is the only article around with a side by side comparison chart!)

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Hey Hawaiiinsomniac! Thank you! Good to know that the article helped you choose the 720 over 520 and 620, I say its worth the wait. :)

  • Abhi New

    Thank god , I got the clarity between these 3 shoes now …

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Thanks Abhi!

  • kartik mutya

    good work!
    that helped

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Glad it did, thank you! :)

  • Raj

    great comparison. i am gonna wait for 720 too now. Also, I dont think so 520 has wireless charging as mentioned above.

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Thank you Raj, corrections have been made :)

  • ajay raj singh

    520 and 720 price

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @76f2a2bafa5042b8244ba6ef71d1f68f:disqus ,
      the price for the 520 is inr 10,500 as for the 720 no official price has been announced but expect it to be around 18,500

    • meet

      720==> 18999
      520==> 10499

  • Nishant

    this is funny… a review by a woman… ha ha ha

    no body taking you seriosly babe… tell us about lipstick color not tech stuff… really i mean..dah!!!

    • Dexter Fernandes

      ur jealous a woman can write better than u?
      so suck on your mommy..

  • Ankit Nandwani


    I am confused between 620 and 720.

    I like 720 only concern is display resolution.

    Is 217 ppi IPS screen better than 246 ppi normal screen ?

    wont the screen on 620 be more bright due to more pixels ?

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey Ankit Nandwani

      620 may look a little brighter as it has clear black display, compared to the 720 which has a better display ( brighter isn’t always better, what makes the cut is the contrastand the vivid colors) . Moreover the 720 comes with corning gorilla glass2 which might reduce your ppi a LITTLE but gives way better results.

      • hary536

        I am sorry, I have point out some mistakes here. Corning Gorilla Glass has nothing to do with PPI. Also brightness doesn’t have direct correlation with pixels. 720 also has CBD. Best thing for you is to hold the 3 phones in your hands at normal viewing distance and see if you can figure out any difference and then make the decision. Personally for me 720′s PPI is good enough for that screen size.

        • jaymie

          but 720′s PPI is not good enough considering is cost more than twice the other phones. Not the best value considering specs are also the same

          • hary536

            I am sorry to say, but it look like, you are one of those people who blindly follow specs only. If someone gave you 720 in a disguised case and told you that this has X PPI and if you looked at its screen you would believe it. It’s all mind-game by the marketing folks who convince spec-hungry people like you.

          • pritam

            yes.. all have same resolution.. so obviously the smallest screen will have highest ppi.. it;s not like apple’s retina display where they have increased the ppi within the same screnn size. guys dont go for ppi. check out the display resolution ints

    • vishal

      go for 720 . its best among three.. better camera , better display, clear tech (620 too but in 4.3″ u will enjoy ” the resolution is as good as lumia 620. dont worry

  • sathu sai sumanth

    now the hardware of lumia 620 and 720 do look a like in terms of processor and ram but there are few apps which are not made for 620 like the real soccer and the amazing spider man , now will these app work in lumia 720 ?? gpu is higher in 720 though

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      Hey @twitter-328485517:disqus yes they will !

    • Arjun.K.R

      they will release those high end games like TDKR,Spiderman,MC4 for 512mb RAM devices soon,but as of now 720 is not supported

    • vishal

      no its not bro.. the hardware are same in both of the smartphone ..

  • Shikhar Dixit

    720 an unibody mobile …is it repairable.?

  • ggs

    amazing :)

  • Amal

    hey Sayali…!!…great review…..confused between 520 and 620….which would have greater battery backup…..?? thank u

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @a4b3889c162dd91db2b0108a1b899f66:disqus well if you go to see the battery, obviously it looks like the 520 seems to have a bit more juice at low specs. But as we said ITS LOW ON SPECS ( inferior display+no flash ) and that would make us titl towards the 620 which in reality would last around 10-14 hrs a day depending on your usage. the 520 would give you around 13-15 hours a day .. you decide :)

      • pritam

        can you please tell me how long the 720 battery will last on normal usage, not the company’s statement.. i got a 620 recently and on 2g and some calls and a bit of music, normal usage it will last for around 8 hrs. i charge fullyy everyday till 9am and by around 5pm-6pm the battery will go down to 20-25 percent.. if the 720 can give me around 40 percent remaining by 9pm at night (12 hrs) i am planning to sell my 620 and buy the 720 just for the sake of battery life.. buying another battery for 620 is also a good option but i dont want to keep changing battery every now and then…

  • arpit

    what about GPS I heard that 520 has not GPS facility. Is it right?

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @133d5b888c247b8efe7cc20ca0de407a:disqus , Lumia 520 HAS GPS !

  • Akshay Bhavsar

    good going guys first google result in LUMIA 620 vs 720 :-)

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @facebook-1422514355:disqus thanks :) v believe in quality content ! and google repays us !

  • Amit

    720 could be more better if they provide 1gb ram.
    Any way, very good review.

  • Sandjaie Ravi

    520 or 720 ? #confused ..

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      @facebook-1254706335:disqus do you have a budget ?

  • Jitendra Vyas

    What about 820 vs 720?

  • Rik

    Interesting review, but your display ruling of the 720 is slightly off. The 620 has a higher pixel density (PPI) which means its sharper then the 720. Both the 720 and 620 both are equally bright and both have Sunlight viewing support, the 520 doesn’t. The only thing the 720 has over the 620 in terms of tech is the sensitive touch support for glove wearers or people who tap using their nails.

    Of course if you are someone who is into more screen real estate, the bigger choice is always better. And the 720 has considerably more inches then the 620. You do get a bit more clunky and hefty device in return for it.

    Also the HTC 8S might be a better choice…

  • Pavapat

    hi guys bought a 620 yesterday, happy with the deal, great relief to look at a non andorid no samsung OS at affordable rate

  • Animesh Gupta

    If the 520 has a normal glass, is it even half as good as the toughened glass on 620?
    Moreover, how long will the battery on the 620 last on an average usage? (Casual gaming, casual music(only about half an hour), and constant Whatsapping and Texting? :D
    Thanks :D
    I’, in love with the 620 but battery backup :$

    • Vidyut

      Hi Sir!
      If you notice Sir, even phones with the Corning Gorilla glass manage to crack. So, the toughened glass might add a SLIGHTLY more durability to the 620, else the 520 even has a bigger screen and battery.
      It’s just my opinion but … the 520 doesn’t seem such a bad bet either – ’cause for an extra 5k, you end up getting -
      1. a slightly smaller albeit readable in the sun
      2. a smaller battery (trust me, those MAh count!)
      3. a front VGA camera and an Auto-focus feature in the back camera.
      Not that much of an advantage I’d say :p
      But of course, it’s your money and your life – so take whichever pleases you :D
      p.s. I say the part about the Corning glass from experience – Samsung Omnia and Samsung Galaxy S

  • george

    I have a nokia 620. But compared the display of my friends 720. The 620 display is far better than the 720. Don’t always rely on specs just keep the phone side by side with the same display settings and compare. 620 has better contrast with exceptional rich blacks. I think the pixel density makes the difference 246 vs 217 on 720. 720 being a bigger screen should have a higher ppi to beat the smaller 620. However 720 beats 620 in all other aspects. The key advantage is that the 720 has a killer battery life and 1.2MP front facing camera for video chatting etc.

  • jacob

    I’m going to switch to Lumia WP from android. Can I sync my google account, more importantly contacts?

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      Hey @Jacob, you can sync your Google contacts with outlook right away! For everything else, you can import the respective files on outlook.

    • pritam

      yes . you can..

  • ViCk

    Should go for lumia 620 or lumia 720….??

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      We’d suggest you go for the Nokia Lumia 720 given how awesomely it has been performing in the battery tests conducted.

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      720 over 620 for sure :)

  • Pravin K Yadav

    720 is a uni body design …
    is it repairable ???

  • Avinash Kumar

    Hi…..I’m looking for a Lumia model out of Lumia 520, 620 & 720. I don’t have any issue with price of these three sets. Can anybody help me in finalizing one model out of these three. I know the prices of 720, and 520. Can anybody help me in finalizing one between Lumia 520 & 720. Is it worth to pay an extra 8k-9k for Lumia 720 just for a better camera, screen, and battery of the latter?

    • Sayali Suryawanshi

      The Nokia Lumia 720 is very well worth the extra 8-9k you’ll pay. I say go for it.

  • del_x

    Good review but you missed out on mentioning the software differences as the 620 has Here Drive + which is not the case with the 520 and 720.

    PS: Have picked a Yellow 720 :)

  • Ahmad Fadhil Parewangi

    in “regularly use” my L520 is cover 1 day 4 hours. wifi+3g+gps+sms+and few calls.