• indra

    cant login to microsoft dreamspark

    • Dexter Fernandes

      use the outlook account…goto the login page , because the homepage is a big laggy

      • Luisa

        I’m sorry to bother :(

        I’m stuck trying to login to dreamspark, I’ve verified my account and it says to click “continue” but it won’t do nothing else, just stays in the…

        Congratulations!You have successfully verified your academic status with us! Please click on this button to go back.

        • Dexter Fernandes

          yea so its goto the app hub account and update it with the details

  • WhiteAdy91

    Everything worked nicely except the final step… I downloaded the offline installer for the SDK and ran the Registration Tool but it doesn’t seem to connect to my Nokia Lumia 920 (WP8) and it gives me this status: “Unable to connect to phone. Please check that the Zune software is running….etc”
    I tried to download the SDK for WP8 but it won’t work because I need a 64-bit OS and I only have 32-bit.
    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Ull need to download the SDK8 for WP8 unlock.
      It doesnt need zune.
      Ill add link

      Edit : Link added :)

  • tepy

    I have a problem with installing Windows phone developer tools on my windows 8 pc. it requires windows 7 or xp. How could i fix with this problem? Thanks !

    • Dexter Fernandes

      use SDK8 or google for this “Installing Windows Phone Developer Tools on Windows 8″ 1st link is your answer.

  • dvs

    I don’t understand what I must do in final step. I run the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool, the program is connecting with my phone and I press register button – all ok, the phone is in my account list in windows phone development (lumia 610 wp7.5) but how to unlock ? Where is unlock option ?

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Its unlocked now..u can sideload homebrews now..

    • dexter467

      use SDK8 or use this :

  • Jerom

    Yet still not accessible to foreign sims! how do you get a free unlock code!

    • Dexter Fernandes

      This is not a sim unlock!
      Please read !

  • Josue

    if I registered with a
    Dev Center different account, when do I unlock my phone will not change my Original ID? Sorry 4 my english, i´m Mexican..

    • Dexter Fernandes

      You can use any account for dev does not need to be the same as in the phone, since 1 ID unlocks 3 phones..

  • Hidayat

    Can lumia 610 can be unlocked?

    • dexter467

      developer unlock…yes

    • Dexter Fernandes


  • Hidayat

    Something happened and we’re not sure what. Try again.

    Something unexpected happened,
    but we tried to save your info. Try again, and if you continue to get
    this message, contact support.


    • Dexter Fernandes

      where exactly do u see this error?
      A sreenshot would help :)

  • big t

    super ,,super ,,super Great …this is a very happy guy .. BIG SHOUT TO surya467 exellent tutorial and THANX ALOT FROM a guy who is really grateful for this guide … stop moaning every body and take a minute TO thank the theTECH GUYS ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!! cheerz guyz c ya

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Keep sharing :) Thank you :)

  • Hidayat

    can lumia 610 interop unlock….??

    • Dexter Fernandes

      no..der is not interop unlock for 610, unless u use ATF box

      • Hidayat

        How can I limit xap file install for developers unlock?

        how to use ATF box?

        :) thanks to info,,good job

        • Dexter Fernandes

          ders just a 10 xap limit and we cannot bypass that..
          Youll need to goto a Phone/mobile repair shop and ask them about ATF for 610

          • Hidayat

            why if i instals the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool ? do you help me..?

  • Pahan Sri

    BakersField College not in the list

    • Dexter Fernandes

      check “ALL”

      • matas

        how? what do you mean ‘all’? theres no all option. pls help

        • matas

          ah i finally found it but please fix the instructions..

          • daev55

            Yes, because the BakersField College is in Bakersfield City instead of Los Angeles!!!

  • thank

    Thank you, for this manual :) It works great.

    “Something happened and we’re not sure what. Try again.” I got this same alert, in step 2 during registration into App Hup. Im trying registration once more in IE, and than everything works. Maybe there was problem.

  • Matas

    Now i cant select BakersField College

    • matas

      wow im Matas too and im having the same problem. please help

      • tushar

        same problem there’s no bakers field college

        • Matas

          SOLUTION: just choose california, without los angeles and therell be bakersfield

  • sathu sai sumanth

    is this a safe and legal way to do developer unlocking ? will i go to jail if i do this to my phone ? :P

    • Dexter Fernandes

      no u wont goto jail! :P

  • sai sumanth sathu

    will the apps i install after dev unlocking get the updates from the offcail marketplace ? and before that can i install the official apps through marketplace like before ? plz i am a noob to the arena but m a quick learner , any page where i can find all my answers??

    • Dexter Fernandes

      dev unlock is to deploy PAID apps , or hoembrews.

      SO if you update an app, it downloads and install it agai, which removes the crack.

  • manoj

    thanks man

    • Dexter Fernandes


    • rajeshk

      Hi Manoj, can you please share if you are able to unlock the lumia. which phone u bought n from where

      • Dexter Fernandes

        It does not depend which one and from unlock works on any WP

  • Jorge Nuno

    Hi I’m Portuguese, and i follow all steps til I get the student email adress but i cant verify my account on Microsoft Dream Spark, here’s a screenshot of my problema , pls help me cause i really want to unlock my lumia 610.

  • Jorge Nuno

    Hi, I’m Portuguese and I have been following all steps to get the student email adress, wich I’ve already get, but I get stuck on Microsoft DreamSpark verification, pls help me, cause I realy want my lumia 610 unlock. Here’s a screenshot of my problema.

    • Dexter Fernandes

      do not use the email ID, use “BakersField College”

      • Jorge Nuno

        thanks that worked, but when I’m going to register to app hub, this error appear on my web page saying: Something happened while saving your changes. Try again. help me pls

        • Dexter Fernandes

          check availability for publisher ID , make sure its not a used one..everything else seems perfect

          oh i just noticed, change the PIN CODE, it has to be in numbers only.

          keep it as 90024

          • Jorge Nuno

            Yes, I’ve already make through on that step, but Microsoft DreamSpark said : We weren’t able to find a DreamSpark account associated with your Microsoft account. You can get a new DreamSpark account for free or update your existing account on this DreamSpark page’ but I’ve already created an account at Microsoft DreamSpark , and I already verified it and, I even can log into it (and linked the Microsoft account to it), what should I do ?

      • Jorge Nuno

        thanks that worked but when I get through Purchase subscription on Windows phone dev centre to create a app hub account, a message saying; We weren’t able to find a DreamSpark account associated with your Microsoft account. You can get a new DreamSpark account for free or update your existing account on this DreamSpark page, appears. help me pls

  • Dexter Fernandes

    This is for people who do not want to develop applications, but just to side load some homebrews, and for some poor developer who isnt a student in the US or does not have an edu address as well and who cannot manage the 99$

    • Aayush Dhuria

      ^This. I’m a student, currently in 12th class, don’t have an edu address, how am I ought to verify? I can not pay $99 a year :S

  • kunal

    i m not getting edu mail plz help

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @disqus_Emrk4uy3Mt:disqus we will get back to u asap :)

  • matas

    help. i cant install Windows phone developer tools. (i have windows 8 ) it says i need 7 or vista :(

    • matas

      and also please be more clare after you say “DONE!”. After i have all those accounts finished how do i dev unlock my windows phone?

      • Dexter Fernandes

        u can install it on windows 8, using the link i have given,

        and this is how you unlock it :

        (c) Run the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool. Sign in with Windows Live ID you registered at the AppHub, connect your phone and make sure its screen is unlocked.

    • TheGizmoPhiliac

      hey @5c0dcc06e4b51b3158e83231c963c717:disqus @5c0dcc06e4b51b3158e83231c963c717:disqus whichever matas dexter is currently enjoying easter , he shall get back to u asap :)

  • Sarthak Rastogi

    I already have an unlocked device but i can only deploy 3 XAPs. So i wanna unlock once again to get 10 XAPs. Do i need to reset my phone? If not,do i just carry on with the instructions in this tuto?

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Just un register with the old ID and re register with the new one

  • aceshy

    hey i have a problem i have a windows xp OS in my pc and if i try to install the Windows phone developer tools it says it requires windows vista or 7 is there another way? please reply asap thanks :D

    • aceshy

      i have the same problem plwase help us :D

  • aceshy

    help i cant install windows developer tools. i have windows xp it says it need 7 or vista

    • Dexter Fernandes

      yes u need windows vista or 7

  • Genti

    help.I do not accept
    I wrote first_name.lest_nameXXXX and password but it does not log in.I’m Italian



  • apatel

    so i have a developer account now so how do i unlock my phone so i can side load apps

    • Dexter Fernandes

      yes you can!

      except root access apps cannot be sideloaded

  • Ahmed

    Please help , when access to gmail get this error “Invalid Email

    We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.”

    • Dexter Fernandes

      No mate , u cannot use a gmail ID, you need to use LIVE ID only

  • Jorge Nuno

    Hi Dexter, I got stucked in here. I dont know more anything else to do, help

    • Dexter Fernandes

      post code is incorrect

      just use 90029

  • Tatevik Torosyan

    Dexter I done all the steps and developer unlocked but i used a sim not AT &T its telling me that its an invalid sim

    • Dexter Fernandes

      This is developer unlock, not sim unlock , please read the tuto carefully

  • jishad

    hatss off…. bunches of thanks for your sincere help with this tutorial… i could create a developer account… but please be kind to give me few more information
    i ve a lap with win 7 32bit
    pls tell me which are the files i should download and install..

    pls give me those file links in reply of this query
    xpecting ur reply..thanks in advance

    • Dexter Fernandes

      use the developer tools, i cant post links in the comments :(

      this line “(b) Download the Windows phone developer tools from HERE”

      • jishad

        Thanx for d reply buddy… Can u also tell me how much data i will have to download while installing developer tools? Asking it becz i ve a slow net connection…

  • Florean

    While Entering SNN number m getting this. What should i do?

    • Dexter Fernandes

      generate a new one from the link i have given

      • Florean

        But with that link its coming like this

        • Dexter Fernandes

          use the sign in button , it needs a gmail account.
          then u can generate an SSN
          or ill try to find another generator

          • Florean

            Thank u so much…

          • Dexter Fernandes

            :) no problems :)

          • Florean

            I did all the step and even run the software but still its not unlock. should i have to anything after run the software step

          • Florean

            when to Run mini SDK , before running the window develpoer tool or after it?

  • khairul

    how to create an Apphub account and link it to your Dreamspark LiveID

  • khairul

    why when i want doing that After Dreamspark is verified, go to the App Hub – home, register your Windows Live ID and signup as a student. It will ask if you have a verified your Dreamspark account.

    it say Something happened while saving your changes. Try again

  • devindo

    thank you so much.. :)

  • Suraj Gudhka

    is there a mini sdk for wp8?

  • Skootoe

    When iam trying to create an Apphub account there is coming an error message:Something happened while saving your changes. Try again.

  • Gabriel Renard

    Thanks a bunch!

  • khalid

    Help pls when I want to verify Dreamspark account after received the activation via email I got this error !

    pls advise

    • Ale

      Thank you, you just made a persone really REALLY happy..
      If you pass in RIo de janeiro ill offer you a dinner!

      thank u

  • SioMyC

    Damn i can’t see the BakersField College what should i do, help me plz…..

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Ill have a look and get back to you, or you can try another college..the procedure remains the same

  • stinsonchris

    Hello !! when I try to register at the dev center at the tab INFO I get the following error:

    ** Something happened while saving your changes. Try again. **
    Can someone tell me how to avoid it ?? thanks

    • Dexter Fernandes

      Screenshot will help :)
      probably entered phone number in the wrong format

  • Giulia

    hello please can you say to me if after this I can install exe files? Because I need fring (voip client) with urgence. I have nokia lumia 800 and windows phone 7.5 and windows xp sp3 on desktop. Please before I crash the nokia, please if you can answer.

    • Dexter Fernandes

      This method wont brick ur phone
      no EXE files

  • Nischal

    bro, I have got one problem, i.e, I can’t get an email from college email i.e Bakersfield College in my college id where XXXX represent my number. I waited long time.

    • fadhol

      just number, ex 1234

  • Aamir


  • superman

    i hv this prob plz help dexter

    • Dexter Fernandes

      phone number is wrong

      • fadol

        So, whats true? Did you has example?

    • Hanis Bellamy

      did you solve this problem my firend?

  • Srinjoy

    I am from india… can i do this @Dexter ????? Thnx for da post… bt plz help me with this….

    • Dexter Fernandes

      yes bro , doesnt matter from where you are, follow the instructions

  • fadhol

    i cant gate veryfication on my .edu
    whats wrong guys?

    • blackray

      i cant get it too. did find solution?

  • blackray

    bro.. i cant get verification email to my edu :(
    what i have entered:

    pls help

  • Furqan

    I still didnt get my verification mail, i checked on both my live and edu emails. its been too long and still no signs. please help :(

  • Maks

    I have This problem, i am waiting almost hour. So what went wrong ?

  • kakslfd

    hello bro can i unlock my nokia lumia 610
    i am upgrade my phone from windows phone 7.5 to windows phone 7.8
    if possible please recommended me which Windows phone developer tools should i download…

  • Žilvinas Ir Samanta

    hello Dexter this is my problem and cant solve it, googling all day, and dont find resolve… Maybe you know wat is? And for many people like this, i stuck on this step and…. Maybe Browser? Or time… Or WTF.. I try really evertyhing.

  • Žilvinas Ir Samanta

    Write in skype if you can: Diewasx2 :P

  • kakslfd

    miniWPSDK not working on my pc

    what’s happened

  • kakslfd

    hello dear, after unlock my lumia 610, can i slideload app on my phone….. Plz help me

  • Pazur

    Hello, I have problem in this point. help me pls

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  • ale

    Thank you, you just made a persone really REALLY happy..
    If you pass in RIo de janeiro ill offer you a dinner!!

    thank u

  • Krunal Patel

    Can i fill up this form as same as giving in the screen-shot …??? what about address & social security number…??

  • rohan fernandes

    Hey dexter i have still not got the student id and password
    i even submitted the form as shown in the image after submiting it asks for our email address and i gave but i have not yet recieved the email waiting for 2days pls help and thankx in advance

  • Akshat Waran

    hye bro !!! i am still stuck with windows phone registration .. it say something went wrong try again .. plz help me out . ( i hav checked my availabilty of publisher’s name also) if my phone format is wrong plz reply wid correct format !!!!!

  • kunal

    I can’t get .edu email… It says…” Your application cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later.”
    what to do

    • xerox

      i am from india too….and now I’m having my Microsoft dev account

      • Chinmay Vinchurkar

        How to did it? Can ya please help??

  • crackboy

    super post….I’ve just gotten my .edu account account and i’ve completed my microsoft dev acc creation….

  • Rohan Surve

    Guys, if you are in a college, you can attach a copy of your latest marksheet and microsoft will approve your account in 48 hours. Even in your college is not listed they approve your account. So just send them the url to your online marksheet or click a pic of your hard copy and upload it.
    you dont need a .edu email. Rest of the process is simple.

    • Prathamesh Karangutkar

      Hi Rohan Where to upload marksheets?

      • Rohan Surve

        You select your country of residence as India, they show a list of colleges for you to select from. Theres an option at the end called ‘my college is not listed’ select that and it gives you an option to upload marksheets.

        • Prathamesh Karangutkar

          thanx rohan

      • Rohan Surve

        But I guess all this is obsolete now as Microsoft has changed their policies and made developer registration free, allowing you to unlock 1 device and sideload upto 1 app. Do notice the limit is just for unpublished or ‘homebrew’ apps, you can install as many apps that are available on the marketplace as you wish.

  • kaushal

    my lumia is at&t locked

    will this process unlock my phone

  • Episkey

    Please can me explain the (C) point in detail. run the dev tool n then how to connect my phone its lumia 610.

  • Harkunwar Singh Kochar

    We’ll review your application within 24 hours and will soon reply you

    So will I get or not ?

  • Anubhav Routray

    i am nt able to sign up with the given website…

  • Adhityan

    Hello people.. am from india, now using windows 8.1 ( am a developer ) not really but i always love to test app instead creating one, u can also do that its easy and simple you dont really need any edu email or chinese tools, all you can do is go for the dreamspark account, register ur live id there any u get a redeem copun no, use this code in devloper site of ms and i saved rs 1800 by this and i can unlock 2 more devices ( total 3 ) go for it, if any doubts u can ask me !

  • ric flair

    Good, real good