[MOD] Improve Your Android Audio Quality With Acid Audio Engine

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Imagine a world without music. Imagine your phone booting, without the beeping and fanfare so characteristic to Nokia, and Samsung. Imagine a trip, without music! Imagine playing Pacman without the repetitive electronic beeping so familiar to us all. Wow. (Pacman, just put the enormity of how much music influences us in perspective.)

All Android phones out there allow you to listen to music (obviously) but the quality of the music you get from each phone may not be really live up to your expectations. But then! The baby in our hands is an Android! In other words there’s always a work around for nearly everything. And that’s where Acid Audio Engine comes into play. As the name suggests, it’s an audio engine that changes the sound of your music. For those of you who don’t know who Team AC!D is, they are a group of developers who have teamed up to add the goodness of various sound technologies present on different mobile phones into a single sound mod.

Note: This MOD is meant to be installed on devices running ICS (Android 4.0) and above only. Root access along with CWM recovery is a must.

acid audio engine - www.gizmophiliacs.com

According to Team AC!D

This MOD is specially built to enhance the sound quality on your headset, earphone, headphone ​and on your speaker
You’ll have overall better Bass
Better sound quality (specially on basic headsets)
Overall clearer sound (less distortion and noise)
Better compatibility with good headphones (special presets for headphones)
Sound will be clear and volume higher on some devices
Noticeably better sound on video recording
More sound frequencies for a better experience

Acid Audio Engine is a mod that consists of many other audio engines such as Sony’s XLoud, Beats Audio Engine, Cyanogen DSP, Dolby Digital Sounds and a few more. The result you obtain is fairly noticeable especially if you have a decently good pair of earphones. For instance, treble seems to be more natural and soothes the ear. Bass is deeper and immersive. The overall sound quality that reaches your ear is thus vastly improved.

How To Install AC!D Audio Engine:

The installation goes through Recovery, as modified and recommend the same developers, it is advisable to make a Backup before you start and maintain the Wipe of Cache after installation. This avoids bootloop caused by incompatibility issues.

Download AC!D Audio Engine (one simple zip file with all included SRS, Dolby, DSP, Clearbass etc.)
Put it in your SD Card​
COPY audio_effect.conf file located in system/etc into your SD card (you might need this file in case of no sound issue)​
Reboot into Recovery​
If you flashed any of previous sound-mod release, re-flash your ROM or restore a backup without any Sound MOD (only way to be sure there is no issue at all)
Flash AC!DAudio.zip
If you don’t have any Sound try replacing audio_effect.conf located in system/etc, by the one you saved previously
If you are on CM9 and CM10 go to system/app and rename DSPmanager.apk to DSPmanager.txt  and reboot (I really suggest you to disable it because it may cause trouble with Clearbass EQ)

Done Done Done!

If you are a music lover and own an Android phone which runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, then this amazing mod is surely worth a try. The developers of this mod really appreciate your feedback, so if you enjoy the mod, be sure to give your feedback on the same. Afterall songs are emotions expressed in such a way only the soul understands. :)

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  • Jaunty

    Hi Ashay,

    i use MMX A110 ICS 4.0.4, I follow all the procedures to install the Ac!d, it successfully completed. However, when I reboot the phone, it stucked indefinitely at “Android is Upgrading..Starting Applications..” screen. What could have been wrong? i wipe the dalvik Cache. please help me on this. m waiting for your help eagerly. Thanks a million in advance. You could also reply me in my email.