Life Without Facebook

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At one point, Dad asked me if I was moonlighting as part co-owner of Google. Not because I was showing signs of extraordinary genius or sudden coding skills or anything even faintly able. The smallest thing I was asked to do, received a static “I’m busy” response. He naturally assumed I was dabbling in the nuclear sciences, or particle physics or something as time consuming and crucial to mankind. My excuse however, was way closer home.

I was hooked on to Facebook.
I do not say this with a sheepish grin or with the slightest amusement. Almost driven to despair, Facebook had become my drug, where I got my daily fix of things to make me feel miserable.
It started off quite innocently. With uploading pictures, and loving the attention that came with it. Loved the oohs and aahs at articles shared. At conversation threads and random jokes. And then came the newsfeed.
Engagements, relationship statuses, new jobs, new babies, new parties… And you’re just sitting there scrolling and overthinking. You begin to unsubscribe from people- maybe you’re feeling like they’re in your face all the time. You start liking pages with Trivia, with quotes, and other *inspiring* tidbits about how to live your life. By the time you’re so full of tumblr quotes and other new offshoots of philosophy, you begin to develop your own strong sense of belief about what’s right. You slowly start trying to defend your belief system- albeit to yourself, but the cycle has begun. You are so threatened by the reactions of others, and the constant need to sound wittier, happier and more of anything the other is about- that you don’t know where you stop and your reactions begin.

I was one of these people. I began checking my notifications for which ardent friend had voluntarily liked my posts. Who shared what with whom and who commented on what why. There were too many pronouns for my comfort. And I began to overcorrect.

Victim three was my family. The time I could have spent chatting with dad, or asking mum about her day, I spent reading quotes on how you can “Make the most of NOW” and give a shit about the future later. Spent an undue amount of time analysing people under the pretext of judging them better by uncovering anything they might want to conceal.

Victim two was my best friend. Peeing on posts and car tyres is a dogs way of protecting her territory. Mine was different only slightly. Feeling upset at innocent fun, feeling left out at harmless inside jokes, and basically making a mess out of my own happiness, I can’t recollect a lot that came out shining from this part of the world.

Victim one. Myself.

The slow transition from someone who loved being by herself, who loved discussing everything under the sun with her dad for hours on end, who loved getting lost in her thoughts while travelling listening to music… To someone who just had to update that photo she just edited, or share that article she liked, or see what her best buds were up to. All the time. Didn’t turn out to be as much fun as she had come to expect.

Resolved to put an end to this bullshit, the constant need for validation and dependency on human social niceties, I deactivated my account. The first three days were the worst.

Day One

I woke up and grabbed my phone like an asthmatic gropes for her inhaler. My brain almost exploded in her sleepy haze at the blank notification drawer. At which point the events of the previous day tumbled in. In the most dramatic slo-mo my senses could muster, I began to recollect clicking the deactivate button amidst a blur of tears and the aftermath of an argument. I swore never to touch it again until my life resembled something that had a purpose.
After the initial panic, I settled down,  to get my bearings. I noticed the sparrows that made a daily game of sitting at my window, pecking at the remnants of rice ma left out for the crows each dawn. And they played! Chirped, jumped about, created a racket! And I loved every moment. Drinking in the silence of the morning, I felt like I was reborn. And I’m not even exaggerating.
I picked up the forsaken phone which lay beside my bed. A few seconds later I realised how absolutely empty it felt with the Facebook app uninstalled. Did I really have no life beyond Facebook? Maybe the wounds were fresh, or maybe i still hadn’t woken up very well.

Anyway, I dismissed the melodrama and tapped my way over to the Playstore. Suddenly my phone had Flipboard, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pulse and TED Talks installed in a matter of minutes. I had an hour long conversation over the phone. Imagine that. One full hour. And I got out of bed before lunch. Which was a pretty major achievement. My parents were convinced I was sick.

I discovered a world I had long cherished and then left barebacked in the cold. The power of the introvert. This was the first TED Talk I watched. And, boy did it feel like a salve. Made myself a bowl of noodles and a glass of orange juice. And got my trusty Nexus out to take pictures. And I suddenly remembered I didn’t have a platform to flaunt it on. Eating something without showing the world made the food feel uncooked. And my brain felt useless for having come to such a state. Shoving the first hints of withdrawal symptoms aside I focussed on TED that day(Not before quickly uploading it on Instaagram though ;) ). And also on the books I’d had. Stowed away in the depths of my closet I found the friends I’d missed all these months. Went to buy groceries later in the evening, and tried taking my mind off the things I usually obsessed with. I remember sleeping like a child for the first time in months that night.

Day Two

Today was calmer. Monday morning, woke up at five, and plonked myself at my laptop with a bowl of muesli and a mug of steaming coffee. Dark all around with only the light of my monitor blinking, I knew peace at that moment. Studying is a pleasure when all you’re surrounded with are the wafts of coffee and the crunch of good cereal. And of course- the awesome tutorials I had stumbled upon the night before.
After a good two hours of hitting the books, I ventured into the hall to look at the roses on the balcony. And ma thought I was sleepwalking. Hah. The early bird was overtaken by the worm!

Office was a breeze. Good things have been happening. I just have to keep the momentum increasing positively.

It has been two to three weeks now that I last used Facebook. I tried logging in once more, but the sheer thought disgusted me. I have been getting more time to focus on myself, to learn more, to enjoy more. I still have bouts of feeling miserable as shit. To the point of wanting to kill myself for existing, and I find no apparent reason for feeling so. But it has lessened. I have learned to wait those spells out. To open up to people who really love and worry for me. And also shut my mind from the tricks it tries. 

I don’t think this exile is permanent. I might go back to it once I feel like I’ve grown stronger and happier mentally and emotionally. But for now, the high of being with myself, doing the things I love, and enjoying with the people I love makes everything else pale in comparison…

Then again, I’m not here to try drive a mission for a mass exodus from Facebook for more people to feel the way I do right now. I still enjoy sharing the occasional picture on Instagram. And I’m hooked on to LinkedIn. And a whole lot more. Really, “What’s on your mind…” sounds way more awesome when you have someone you love look into your eyes and genuinely mean it. And not expect a status update in return ;)

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flappy birds to be pulled out of app stores

Bye Bye Flappy Birds: Sick of “SUCCESS” Flappy Birds Developer To Remove The Game From App Stores

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flappy birds to be pulled out of app stores

flappy birds to be pulled out of app stores

Flappy Birds! That design, that Super Mario’ish nostalgia, that difficult game play and that immediate success! Who would have thought that success too can be difficult to handle. None better than the developer of the top charting game of the month Flappy Birds, will understand the meaning of true success. Launched in the middle of 2013, the game only acquired its shot at fame some months ago. And some fame it was. A recent report suggested that the developer, Dong Nguyen, who had built the game for fun in his evening free time, earned around $50,000 a day through in game ads.

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore

That is a lot of money and the sheer success of the game had many people waiting for a new title that would be named Flappy Birds. This would have been a fantastic idea, however, it isn’t to be. For some “unknown” reason, the developer seems to have recently made an announcement on twitter stating that the game will no longer be available for download on Android or iOS. No specific reason for the same was given but stress was evident in the tone of his tweets.


Not many developers who are enjoying such a success would randomly decide to pull the game from respective app stores. There seems to be no logical explanation for the same other than the fact that the success brought stress and expectations along with it. The same tone is carried forward in some of the tweets that followed the above one.



Ever so often people decide to bask in the glory of one minor achievement. Some enjoy the attention while there are some who simply cannot come to terms with the fact that they are famous. So many of us continue to live with the uneasy feel of being famous and never do anything to stop it. Perhaps because we are scared. Whatever be the reason that the app will be pulled down, one has to say that the developer in this case is giving up on a golden goose to follow what his heart says and we respect the same.

You may want to download the game at the earliest before it finally disappears in a few hours!

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A New Xperia – Sony D6503 pictures leaked

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A New Xperia – Sony D6503 pictures leaked

Leaks of Sony products, especially mobile phones was said to be declining. Not really, as iRimas from XDA, posted these pictures of the Xperia Z1 successor. Codenamed the D6503, this beauty from Sony has all the design features one associates with the New Sony. PS: We have tried to enhance the photos for you, to make them more clearer ;)

What does it look like?

On the Left Hand side, the D6503 has a huge flap that covers the Sim Tray and the Micro USB Charging port, plus a Lanyard slot (I wonder if people still use these). It also has the magnetic pin for a magnetic connector like the Z1 Compact, Z1 and the Z Ultra.


On the Right Hand Side, we have the forever stylish Power button and an all important dedicated camera key together with the volume rocker and a Micro SD slot.


On the Back, the camera is placed at the very spot as present on the Z1. NFC sticker indicates the phone will have Near Field Communication built in. It may also have a glass back like the Xperia Z.


On the Front, we have the Notification LED just above the top speaker, along with the Front Camera on the right.


Finally, on the bottom we have the speaker grill disguised with three dots.


Design Faux Pas

Few things that we didn’t like in the design, flaws that Sony should get rid off, ASAP.

FLAPS, Everybody Hates Flaps

I’ll put it in simple words. We all know cell phone batteries do not last an entire day. When we want to connect the charging cord to the Micro USB port, we DO NOT want to battle the Flap, break it in the process and then leave the phone looking ugly on one side.

Especially when there’s a huge flap that stands in our way. Sony, take a note – No Flaps, whatsoever. I don’t care if it serves the purpose of water proofing the phone. The number of times that people charge their phones is more than the number of times they’ll use their phones underwater, accidentaly or otherwise.

Really Thin Volume Rocker

Buttons are meant to be pressed. They are not ugly things that you try to hide. You should not streamline them to the point where you don’t feel if you’ve pressed anything.

Same Old Design

Mobile phone makers shouldn’t copy design ideas from Auto makers and should start differentiating every product they sell. I get that they try to keep uniformity in the product line. But  mimicking your flagship device from last year AND then copying that design over every other phone that you have to sell this year, doesn’t make sense.

I’ll also give a good reason why that is harmful – The flagship you sell is not going to be liked or wanted by everyone. So if your top model fails to attract millions of buyers, you risk selling that piece and also the ones you copy it over: less powerful siblings of the flagship for instance.

People who already have bought it, want something new. Therefore, winning them over would be as difficult as getting new customers. Try something new, for example: a TRUE Edge to Edge display.

I understand the fact that companies have to keep the cost factor in mind and that they can’t come up with new designs on the fly, but aren’ these companies supposed to be the BEST in the business? Certainly not expected from Sony! People do pay a premium for Sony, they should be given back something equally worthy.

It ain’t ALL Bad

  • Ease of Access to the MicroSD card, SIM and Power button means Sony does take notice of what people want.
  • A dedicated Camera Key.
  • Visible notification light(A Line instead of a Dot).
  • Speakers on the bottom automatically enhancing the voice if held upright, instead of being present on either side and getting completely muffled by your hand, are some of the features we loved.

Specs for the device aren’t out yet, but iRimas has promised more leaks on the UI front. Fingers crossed for a better UI!

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Could “Normandy” be Nokia’s First Android Phone?

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There were a lot of rumors about a Nokia phone bearing an OS which is widely used in smartphones today, a Nokia Android Phone. Though Nokia is now in the hands of Microsoft we still saw some glimpse of a low end phone with minimum hardware and the Android OS UI. The phone’s first presence was seen in December which showed leaks of the device that had no camera shutter button (Most Nokia phone have the shutter button) , no capacitive buttons (oh damn!) and no sign of LED flash for the camera.

Well, those could be considered a rumor but not any more. It could be possible to see this device actually hit the market with the new render leaks of the UI placed on the screen which reveals a lot more than we expected.

The leaks from @Evleaks shows images of a device from Nokia with the brand name at the top and it shaped almost like one of the Lumia device category and has a nice green color to it. It shows the volume keys and a lockscreen button. It has a single (<) key at the center (oh gosh I miss WP key’s already)

The screenshots show in the leaked pictures shows off Android’s Lockscreen Notification, the Dialer and a custom version of Skype’s mobile version. Well I have a bad feeling about this, but this is what most some Nokia fans wanted, though it looks like a low budget phone, but hey the Nokia Lumia 520 did create a hype in the market even while people cursed the Windows Phone OS a lot. The bad part of this leak is that, while the WP OS has just started to pick up momentum everyone will now expect higher end devices from Nokia bearing the Android OS. The Normandy is not a complete android version which wont be associated with any of Google’s app nor services and would probably never hit the market because Nokia almost has a done deal with Microsoft. The phone’s UI also shows that the phone supports Dual SIM functionality.

Surprisingly with all the rumors a benchmark test actually proved that the phone exists and was identified as a Nokia’s A110 with FWVGA display which can be a 4 inch screen , a 5 MP camera and unknown processor specs with snapdragon as the base.

Also noticed via benchmark screenshots are Wifi, i don’t know if its something to mention but people could freak out at times. Well the better part is , it runs Android 4.4.1 which is said to be KITKAT but I dont know how legit this stuff is since they say it wont run google’s apps and services. For once I can just say, if they want to release an android phone, make sure its perfect because lag and stuff can take off the reputation that Nokia has made with its amazing hardware and software shake with the Windows Phone OS!

All that said, do you really feel Nokia needs to go all “Android” after what we have seen with the Lumia series?  Windows Phone OS is improving and has taken the eye of the people. I think this needs some serious discussion.

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Bye Bye Old Ugly Touchwiz? Say Hello to The New Magazine UX on The NotePRO

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Samsung's New Magazine UX

Samsung’s New Magazine UX

Looks like Samsung has taken a leaf out of Amazon’s book and is inching towards a completely different version of Android for its growing customer base. While the reality may be far from coming true as of now, the new Magazine UX that was showcased in the recently launched NotePRO 12.2 at the Consumer Electronics Show, 2014. Before we go on about the newly launched interface that runs on Android 4.4, let’s have a quick run down of the specs of the tablets that this Magazine UX will come shipped with.

Galaxy NotePRO

Galaxy NotePRO 12.2

  • 295.6 x 204 x 7.95 mm
  • 16:10 aspect ratio Super Clear LCD display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution
  • 247ppi pixel density (around 4million pixels!)
  • True octa-core 1.9 GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor (3G)
  •  2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset (LTE)
  • 3GB RAM
  • 8 MP camera on the back, and a 2 MP front shooter for video chat
  • 9500 mAh battery
  • S Pen silo feature
Galaxy TabPRO

Galaxy TabPRO

Galaxy TabPRO (12.2-inch, 10.1-inch, and 8.4-inch)

  • 2,560×1,600 resolution screens (all 3 variants)
  •  Exynos processor or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, depending on the region in which it’s purchased
  • 3GB RAM (12.2 inch version)
  • 2GB RAM (10.1 and 8.4 inch version)
  • 8MP camera back and 2MP camera front shooter (all variants)
  • NO S Pen

Magazine UX

Coming back to the main reason of the article and Samsung has shown us that is finally ready to innovate. We do not know of any Android lover who feels the same love for the Nature UI Touchwiz as they share for stock Vanilla Android. As a matter of fact HTC leads the way to show that if you really want to improvize with making skins look elegant and beautiful, there are ways it can be achieved. The same is pretty evident with the Sense UI that all of the latest HTC phones come shipped with. The thing about being open source is that OEM’s can apply their own custom variation of Android and sell it to the consumers. It is basically a reflection of what they feel an ideal user interface should look and feel like. When you talk about TouchWiz the first things that come to mind are slow..lag..heavy..ugly..laggy..laggy..laggy. Yes, that has pretty much been the case in most of the latest updates that we have seen off late. It does come in with some nifty little features which we think are great, but there is something that was always lacking.

Magazine UX

Magazine UX (Pic Courtsey: CNET)

With the new Magazine UX, Samsung has taken a step forward towards an interface that seems more suited for large screened mobile devices. The widget oriented, Flipboard like layout looks neat, clean and really functional. The more graphical and (hopefully) lighter interface is completely based on widgets. You can term the same to be like widgets on steroids. However, it is in true sense, an extension of the Multi Window feature that allows several apps to run simultaneously on one screen. This feature came about with the Galaxy S3 and has gone on to become an integral part of the Samsung interface.

The whole idea behind the concept looks to be making use of the large screen size where you can access as much information in one glance as possible. This only makes sense, as it is something that most users like. The “dashboard” or the home screen of the Magazine UX is a place that can interact with each and every item that you put on the screen. For example, swiping down on Flipboard cycles through different news stories — and widget selection, size, placement, and orientation are all customizable. You can create several widget-filled screens like this each with its own widgets and design.



The tile based Magazine UX is surely a step forward to the existing TouchWiz UI seen on the S4 and other Samsung smart phones. Some people claim that it is a copy of Windows Phone or even Windows 8.1, but to be honest, it is a completely different idea. It has only built itself up on what was started with TouchWiz and brings multi tasking to the forefront. We have also heard that there is an option to completely disable the dashboard and use your TabPRO or the NotePRO as stock android.


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lifeband-touch www.gizmophiliacs.com

CES 2014 Day 1: Smartwatches, Smartbands take centre stage!

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Intel's new watch www.gizmophiliacs.com

CES 2014 Day 1: Smartwatches, Smartbands take centre stage!

Smartwatches, Smartwatches everywhere! Day 1 in CES saw the rise and rise of smartwatches. They were literally everywhere you turned your head to. Every Major company was launching new watches or upgrading the old one. Even the minnows have hopped onto the Smartwatch bandwagon. And it wasnt just the watches, but smartbands too that were hogging the limelight on the CES floor.

The Big ones

Pebble Steel www.gizmophiliacs.com

Pebble Steel

Pebble, the smartwatch company backed by 85,000 kickstarters, gave it’s watch a super upgrade: Introduing Pebble Steel, a stainless steel smartwatch with Corning Gorilla Glass, comes with Metal and Leather straps both, a new App Store with all Pebble apps compatible with Steel.

Still not impressed? Then get this – Pebble will provide free worldwide shipping for early orders, it comes in Brushed Metal Steel and Black Matte. Available for a price tag of $249, Steel also sports a new Tricolour LED screen that is readable under daylight, 7 day Battery and is 5 ATM waterproof!


Sony Smartband

Sony has launched this rubbery band with what it calls a  tracker ‘core’ to be worn around your wrist. You acn also pair with additional accessories like your clothing, trainers, etc. Think of it as an accessory for your accessories…well didn’t make much sense to us either

Not much was spilled by Sony on it’s official launch plans and features, apart from the normal connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, logging activities into a Lifelog app, rechargeable battery witha  microUSB port on the side. No GPS here, it has accelerometers to measure the steps you take and calculate calories accordingly.

lifeband-touch www.gizmophiliacs.com

LG Lifeband Touch

Waterproof and capable of tracking you calories and other health stats, the Lifeband is LGs bet in this horse race that is soon turning really crowded, epecially since nothing new has turned up in terms of innovation in this space. The Lifeband is compatible with Android and iOS and also with apps like Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal.

Unlike everyone, Intel turned up and showcased it’s smartwatch concept, which could spoil the party for it’s rivals.

The New Players

Intel's new watch 2 www.gizmophiliacs.com


Yes, Intel! Intel introduce a plethora of smart devices, inluding this Smart Watch concept. CEO Brian Krzanich that the watch wont require any tethering of any sort! It gives the wearer’s location based on a feature called Geo Fencing. And it will accurately tell whether the weaer deviated from his path or not.

It has Intel developed Quark SOC which turns this into a wireless computing machine.

ZTE Bluewatch

Photo Courtesy: The Verge

ZTE Bluewatch

 First they followed the major players into Phablets, now it is smartwatches. We dont know what the future holds for ZTE, but hey, they dont have to worry. Just copy whatever the significant others are making and voila! You have a new ZTE product. Honestly call me lazy, but writing about anything after this gets boring and even while reading this stands true. So I’ll just spare you the lines and give you highlights about the product features.

  • Projector Hotspot

To be updated later…



  • Smart Calories
  • Running Index
  • Compatible with Polar Running and Cycling (again – accessory for your accessory).
  • Connects to Flow app for performance analysis.
  • Multiple Sport training profiles
  • GPS


Epson Pulsense PS-500

  • Can store up to 480 hours of heart-rate data directly onto the device’s in-built memory before needing to be synced to a parent device.
  • LCD Display
  • $199 Price Tag
  • Full blown fitness trainer



Wellograph, we assume can only mean wellness of some kind. With a built-in Heart Rate sensor, sapphire crystal face and enough brains to connect to any mobile and give data about the whereabouts of the wearer for upto 2 months.



Although not a Smartwatch, but designed as one, the notch highle resembles a Smartwatch. It  links up to 10 sensors mounted all over your body tracking individual motions. It’s for professionals and amateur athletes to trakc their body movements accurately and improve their technique.


RunPhones and RunPhones Intensity

Running with bobbing headphones and armbands to hold ur phones, iPods, and other mo3 players is such a hassle. if only there was a wireless solution. In comes Runphones! This is not a smartband – rather a Sweatband with headphones! Wait it has a Personal trainer built in with instructions for a high intensity workout too!


Razer Nabu

Razer – the company known for it’s Gaming Peripherals and Laptops is out with it’s own Smartwatch/ Fitness tracker called the Nabu. Other than that same old same old.

  • Accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • 2 LED screens – One for Scrolling text and the other for Notifications.

That’s about it, then folks!


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CES Wearable Tech www.gizmophiliacs.com

CES 2014: Wearable Technology

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CES 2014

CES 2014: Wearable Technology

If you think wearable tech means a Smartwatch paired with Google Glass, you’d be mighty wrong! CES 2014 promises to showcase everything possible in wearable technology, some that you can buy now while others show plenty of future substance.

Ofcourse if you think about wearable tech for the first time, smartglasses or smart eyewear and smartwatches are the first things that pop up. For instance, there are plenty of competitors already in the eyewear category, Nissan being the latest entry with it’s F-117 Nighthawk Fighter inspired ’3E’ concept. Samsung too has plans for developing something on the same platform.

Google is not the only company that fancies itself to hold the key to the latest in wearable tech, followed by others who want in, in the treasure hunt. In the smartwatches category, rival Samsung faces similar competition from Sony, Pebble, Nissan’s ‘Nismo’ concept and plenty newcomers launched in CES 2014 that challenge it’s own Galaxy Gear smartwatch that was launched together with the Galaxy Note 3 last year.

The list has just started

There’s more to wearable tech that meets the Cyborg eye. Sync tech with your outfit, jackets with sensors, health monitors, temperature adjusting clothing, golf swing gloves and many more! From tech for your eyes, ears torso, arms, head, legs to tech accessories, your dream of becoming a Cyborg isn’t too far!

The CE blog, shows in the infogtaphic below just how many things are available right now for you to buy and get a sense of the future! We’ll leave you with the infographic and a promise of more updates from CES 2014.


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CES 2014

CES 2014 Preview: Keynote Speeches

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CES 2014 Preview: Keynote Speeches

Consumer Electronics Show 2014 is almost upon us. Take a seat, grab your favourite snack and watch as the world watches with waited breath what 2014 shall bring us. A Key part of this 3 day Tech Mania is going to be the Keynote Speeches. The Industry Bigwigs are here and they will share pearls of tech in some fantastic presentations, sometimes in a grand fashion that we all look forward to.

Every year, thousands of technoholics flock to Las Vegas in Nevada to get a glimpse of the tech industry’s latest developments and discoveries. The 2014 CES keynote lineup promises a comprehensive snapshot of the consumer technology industry. This is the place where you are certain to find the next big thing.

Before we get on with the who’s who list of Keynote Speakers, let’s understand the type of Keynote speeches that will be delivered this year: Tech Titans & Technology Innovators.

The Tech Titans Keynote series is the stage where CEOs from the most powerful companies in technology present their vision for the upcoming revolutions in products, services and networks that will shape the next wave of innovation. Interpreting services in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish are available on-site.

The Technology Innovators Keynote series offers insights by innovators, thought leaders and disruptors – the ”rock stars” of their industries. It is a stage for those with big ideas that are reframing the way technology will impact our interaction with the world today and in years to come.

Keynote Speakers to look out for

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai



 Xperia S, Xperia Z were two flagship phones that Sony had revealed in the two previous CE  shows. However, breaking away from tradition to prevent leaks, Sony has decided not to  reveal any flagship plans from this year. We Pray for the news to be false. We all love big  flagships and their bigger launches!

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer 




With 21 acquisitions under her belt and a new Logo, Marrisa Mayer has stated that it would be difficult to turn things around in Yahoo to get it to the Top spot. But, it will be interesting to see what her keynote speech delivers for Yahoo in 2014.



Twitter CEO Dick Costolo



He is one of the Tech Innovators for this year. This year’s panel will focus on: “All for One; and  One for All.” One of the hottest business stories of 2013, Costolo will speak on the  marketing trends that surround Twitter: consolidation, data, and the interplay of computation  and communication.


 Intel’s Brian Krzanich 


Brian Krzanich was appointed chief executive officer and elected a member of Intel’s board of directors on May 16, 2013. Krzanich has held numerous positions within the company, most recently serving as chief operating officer (COO).

Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs


The FutureCast:Global Innovation of Mobile keynote will feature these top mobile executives sharing their  perspectives on the future of mobile technology and the impact it will have on consumers’ lives.

The Complete List

Tech Titans

Tech Titans CES

Tech Innovators

Tech Innovators CES www.gizmophiliacs.com

Complete CES 2014 Schedule

That’s not it, here’s the complete schedule for this year’s CES – CES 2014 SCHEDULE. You can also sort different types of shows and events by Awards, Conference Sessions, Events, Keynote Speeches, Exhibitor Press Events, Press Events and SuperSession.

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Sony rolls out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for four more devices - www.gizmophiliacs.com

Sony rolls out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for four new devices

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Just a week after Sony began rolling Android 4.3 updates out to the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra, the company announced that it’s begun the process of pushing the newest flavor of Jelly Bean to even more of its hardware. The devices getting the update are:

Sony Xperia Z, Xperia ZR, Xperia ZL, and Xperia Z tablet - www.gizmophiliacs.com

Along with all the base Jelly Bean features, you can also expect bonuses like new versions of basic Sony apps, new themes, etc. from Sony.

Sony said that it’s been working to blend the whole Sony Xperia software with Google’s Jelly Bean release to create a smooth and cool overall user experience.

Sony rolls out Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for four more devices - www.gizmophiliacs.com

What’s New:

In addition to a few performance tweaks here & there, some of the improved/added functionality to look forward to include:

  •  Google’s Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as base – bringing Project Butter performance & UI optimisation and an overall smoother graphical experience (the whole Sony appeal).
  • Launched originally with the Xperia Z1, the above mentioned devices will get the Smart Social Camera, which boasts of being Sony’s signature camera experience, that lets you download, access and enjoy Xperia camera apps directly from within the viewfinder, and a Timeshift Burst mode that allows the user to capture 61 photos in 2 seconds.
  • Sony’s also uplifting the entire native app portfolio to their respective latest versions – this means tweaked & improved experiences for most Sony apps, viz. Messaging, MyXperia, Smart Connect, Small apps, TrackID, Sony Select, etc.
  • Sony’s Media apps: WALKMAN, Album and Movies, with Sony Entertainment Network cloud service integration*, a more converged and full Sony entertainment experience, Sony Entertainment Network & PlayMemories integration with a more intuitive UI, offering seamless access to both local and cloud content.
  • The launch of Sony’s unique UI experience: Xperia Themes, with downloadable UI packs from Sony Select(more info will be released later)..
  • The latest Android security enhancements, matched with Sony’s mobile enterprise solution: Xperia in Business.
  • Battery STAMINA Mode – updated version of Sony’s power management app, now with a refreshed interface and more smart options for prolonging your device’s battery life.


Increased user-control for Xperia Tablet Z, with Restricted Profiles option to create isolated, secure spaces with individual local storage, home screens, widgets and settings.

Rest assured, the owners of the above devices are surely gonna enjoy this holiday season with this new update!

Note: Timing & Availability of the update may vary by market & carrier.

PS: If you need some help passing the time until your update arrives, just think about how awesome it’ll be when your patience is rewarded with a Christmas special bundle of Android 4.3 goodness!

Do you own any of the above devices? Have you already received the update? Give us your feedback about the update! Any Issues? Hit the comments section below!

Source: Sony

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Skype Giving Away Free Premium Credit For 1 Year! (Link included) www.gizmophiliacs.com

[HOT] Skype Giving Away Free Premium Credit For 1 Year! (Link included)

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Skype Giving Away Free Premium Credit For 1 Year! (Link included) www.gizmophiliacs.com

Skype Giving Away Free Premium Credit For 1 Year! (Link included) www.gizmophiliacs.com

Microsoft has started a new promotion called the “Skype Collaboration Project” obviously boasting about the power of owning the most used video calling client over the internet.
The promotion offer, once availed of successfully, will enable a user to make free group calls, group screen sharing with no adverts and complete access to the live customer support. All this is for FREE with this promotion!

These features are reserved typically only for premium ownership and now you can get them all for a whole bunch of 12 months without spending a penny!

To avail the offer, head HERE , tick the box, enter your email ID and click on SEND!

Now just wait for a couple of days and you should have an email in your inbox asking your to redeem your offer.

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Complete tech-gadget guy, who likes to stay in touch with the latest in technology. Making applications for Windows Phone, modding and more. Nothing much to say.


Nokia Spinel might be the new Nokia Asha 230

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Nokia Asha 210

Nokia Spinel might be the new Nokia Asha 230

Popular leakster @evleaks today tweeted that the Nokia Spinel could be the new Nokia Asha 230. If this is true, then the Spinel will become another model in the Asha 200 Series, launching after Nokia Asha 210. This model launched in India back in April for INR 3,999.

Nokia has reportedly codenamed all of the new phone series after Bond characters from the famous 007 movies –  ’Spinel’ being a codename not related to any Bond character though, makes the report a bit weak.


There is no information on the device as of yet, but considering the phone it is supposed to be, Nokia Spinel could be a Dual-Sim low end phone wih a dedicated Whatsapp key and priced just above the Asha 210 at the INR 4,000-5,000  range.

Miss Moneypenny

In addition to the above tweet evleaks also tweeted about another possible Nokia Device. This one, fortunately for the Bond codenames report mentioned earlier, is named after a James Bond movie character – Moneypenny. This device is likely to be the Lumia 630/635.


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gta goes mobile www.gizmophiliacs.com

GTA San Andreas goes Mobile

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gta goes mobile www.gizmophiliacs.com

After Rockstar Games has delighted us gamers by releasing beautifully scaled-down mobile versions of GTA China Wars and GTA Vice City, the company is reportedly launching the mobile version of their famous game. GTA San Andreas goes mobile!

Known as the best Grand Theft Auto game, based on overall user response, the San Andreas version has been a favorite for noobs and professional gamers alike. Based in the 90s era, the plot revolves around the life of Carl Johnson, trying to get the Grove Street back as the most badass hood in whole of Los Santos and its neighboring regions.

This new mobile version will encompass all of the three major geographical regions in the plot, namely Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro. Rockstar Games says that this is the most advanced and graphic-intensive version of GTA San Andreas that the gamers have ever seen.

Below are the newly-introduced and remastered graphics of this new game.

  • Draw distance is greater.
  • Enriched color palette making it all the more vibrant.
  • Enhanced and upgraded car models and characters.
  • Detailed and dynamic shadows.

This new version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will feature all-new touch controls. A unique feature of these touch controls, as Rockstar Games state, will be ‘to display buttons only when you need them and three different control schemes for driving and maneuvering’.

Along with this, this version of GTA also features a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression along the course of game play. This version of GTA San Andreas is to be released around December end by Rockstar Games. It will come to all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices.

Also, it fully supports the Made for iOS controller in iOS 7. This is a bonus feature for all Apple mobile device users as it will highly increase the user experience.

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Galaxy Grand 2 www.gizmophiliacs.com

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is here!

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Galaxy Grand 2 www.gizmophiliacs.com

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is here!

Samsung today announced the successor to the Galaxy Grand, aptly named the Grand 2. Now in terms of display size, it sits right in between the Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 with a  5.25″ screen. But does it have the power to outdo it’s opponents and continue on the legacy built by the Grand? Let’s find out.


In terms of design, leather backs are now a common norm for all new samsung devices, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Note Tablets coming with one too! And so is the case with the Grand 2. Sure it looks neat and fresh, but Samsung will probably bore us to death with this one too, by putting it on every New Samsung device by next year.

The screen is a 5.25″ mammoth and has a TFT HD dislpay. No Super AMOLED here, but wont be disappointing in terms of canvas and space available. Same old capacitive ‘Back’ & ‘Options’ that sit beside the ‘Home’ key or the S-Voice button.

Tech Specs

The specifications should impress you if this is going to be your first Android device and compared to the original Grand, it seems like that one had not left much room for improvement. It didn’t particularly blow our minds but considering this will be a midrange device, it’s good enough. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 1.5 GB of RAM, 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor, 2,600 mAh battery, HSDPA+ in terms of connectivity meaning no LTE here.

Apart from this it will come packed with all the ‘Samsung Exclusive’ bits like ChatON, Samsung Hub, S Health, Group Play, S Travel, S Translator, Samsung Link, Story Album. Bloatware or not, the phone is bound to be a serious competitor with features like Dual SIM, 8 Mp Rear cam with LED Flash and a 1.9 Mp Front camera including  Best Face, Best Photo and Continuous Shot amongst others.

10 hours of Playback, 17 hours of Calling time, 16:9 ratio for the HD screen with 1280×720 pixels, 8GB itnernal memory and miocroSD slot to expand that to 64GB and a good price tag to top it all should set sail to the sales of this piece.

If you are wondering about the Samsung bits we listed earlier, here’s what they do -

  • Samsung HUB: Unique content service that provides access to music, videos, games and more
  • Story Album: Organize pictures by timeline, and create and print albums all from your device
  • Samsung Link: Connects your devices so you can access photos, music, videos and documents from multiple locations.
  • S Translator: A translation service that provides instantaneous translations at any time
  • S Travel: Provides guides and travel information for your next trip
  • Sound & Shot: Record up to nine seconds of audio with your photos
  • Group Play: To listen to music , share documents or play games together

It weighs in at 163 gms and in terms of dimensions it is 146.8 x 75.3 x 8.9mm. Available in Black, White and Pink, there is no official release date announced yet.

The Galaxy Grand was an instant hit as there weren’t many phones that were comptent enough and by the time they launched Samsung had already succeeded in getting the sales from the Grand. It would be interesting to see the Grand 2 going up against now present, competent midrange devices.

About Rohit Bhatia

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Twitter upgrades it’s security to match that provided by Facebook and Google

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Twitter has announced on it’s blog that it was going to introduce new steps to ramp up it’s current security measures. This all comes at a time when the US government and other parties that try and hack it’s servers continuously are successful and gain entry, creating a havoc.

Twitter has added Perfect Forward Secrecy(PFS) Encryption method to thwart any attempts by the above mentioned parties to hack and snoop into it’s system. The system is already adopted and championed by Facebook and Google that had earlier stated that they would beef up their security after Edward Snowden had leaked information about how the US governement was keping an eye on all major Tech companies, including Twitter.

About PFS

The encryption method in question is fairly new and it would not be easy for hackers to gain entry into Twitter and use information as they wish to. As Twitter’s Jacob Hoffman-Andrews himself put it  -

As part of our continuing effort to keep our users’ information as secure as possible, we’re happy to announce that we recently enabled forward secrecy for traffic on twitter.com, api.twitter.com, and mobile.twitter.com. On top of the usual confidentiality and integrity properties of HTTPS, forward secrecy adds a new property. If an adversary is currently recording all Twitter users’ encrypted traffic, and they later crack or steal Twitter’s private keys, they should not be able to use those keys to decrypt the recorded traffic. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation points out, this type of protection is increasingly important on today’s Internet.


File Photo: February 2013 “Twitter Hacked”. Twitter upgrades it’s security to match that provided by Facebook and Google.

How would Perfect Forward Secrecy work?

Traditionally, under HTTPS, there is sharing of the server’s private keys which the client shares over the network. Anyone, in possession of the keys, can take over the entire session. This is about to change with PFS. AS under PFS there would be no exchange of the master key!

Under PFS, the server’s private key is used to sign the key exchage preventing man-in-the-middle attacks. The system will also generate session ticket keys randomly, distribute them to the servers without ever touching persistent storage and rotate them frequently. So instead of relying on a single master key, there are now individual keys for each encrypted session.

This encryption method complements today’s standard TLS and SSL handshake potocols, but comes with a cost. There will be a drop in load times by upto 150 ms in the US and upto a second for other countries which are far off from Twitter’s server location.  But it will all benefit both Twitter and more importantly it’s user base in the end.

If you wish to read more about the method in-depth, head over to Vincent Bernat’s page on Forward Secrecy.

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dvlup-nokia-2 www.gizmophiliacs.com

Nokia brings DVLUP to India!

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Nokia brings DVLUP to India!

In an initiative to bring more developers to the Windows Phone platform, Nokia has extended the DVLUP program in more than 20 countries by now, including India.

Chanse Arrington, Global Head of Developer Business Tools at Nokia had this to say -

“Nokia’s DVLUP program puts developers in the driver’s seat – providing them with a clear path to get their app featured in app discovery and marketing channels,”

“By leveraging elements of gamification, developers earn points as they improve their app, empowering them to promote their app in marketing, advertising and merchandizing channels like the Windows Phone Store. This creates a more transparent and fair app ecosystem, where developers are in control of their own success.”

What is DVLUP?

For those of you who don’t know DVLUP is a program by Nokia that gives developers exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Developers can earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for their Apps.

DVLUP uses a gamification model to create an amusing, creative, original and aggressive environment for developers to build successful Windows Phone applications. Developers can earn badges and experience points (known as “XP”) by completing quizzes and challenges all of which are related to application development. Thus, by creating high-quality applications, developers can also earn additional points and unlock even greater opportunities. For example, developers can promote their applications through the Windows Phone Store, App Social, in-app advertising, as well as by using print, digital, social and out-of-home media opportunities.

There are loads of rewards, including devices from Lumia 520 to Lumia 1020 and even a few Asha devices! All at no cost..


Here’s the List

After the success of the DVLUP program in USA, the same has been expanded to Windows Phone and Asha developers in these countries too:-

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Latvia
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • United Kingdom

Where to Register?

All you have to do is head over here or here and get yourself registered.

Guest Author - Ronak Manglani

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instagram www.gizmophiliacs.com

Next Instagram update may include Messaging

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Instagram for Windows Phone www.gizmophiliacs.com

Next Instagram update may include Messaging

Get this – The next Major Update to Instagram might include a whole new Messaging platform! While it’s not confirmed yet, but sources like say Gigaom say that it might indeed happen. Instagram is facing stiff competition from new photo sharing platforms continuously.

Apps like Vine, Streamzoo, SnapChat are getting increasingly popular with those Instagram followers who are looking for alternate apps to promote and share their pictures and new users in general. What this means for Instagram is that it has had to increasingly build and add newer features to get their ’200-million’+ strong crowd engaging and posting more content than ever through it’s app.

2013 – The Year of Big Changes for Instagram

2013 has been a very intensive year for the company. It has also called for drastic measures to keep afloat of the competition. We saw a barrage of new features this year from Instagram like ‘Sharing Short Videos’, ‘Instagram for Windows Phone’ and ‘Advertisements’ for revenue are just some of the major updates.

But the Next Big Thing for Instagram might just be Instant Messaging! It is rumoured that this update will be added by the end of 2013. People are increasingly looking for ways to interact using Apps like these and are looking for more different ways of communication. They want to instantly interact either intimately or immediately.

Instant Messaging for Instagram might also include ‘Group Messaging’! Now if all this makes you uncomfortable then we would say you are not alone. In fact peolpe already feel a bit scared to use apps that involve interaction how muchsoever they want to use it.

What you would love if this update becomes real is the neat interafce of Instagram that we are all used to. What might not be so likeable is the fact that new changes are rarely grabbed instantly by loyalists and purists, which can lead to mix signals, eventually ending the feature’s future! Whatever it is, we just hope this feature doesn’t become creepy for all #Instausers out there!

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Why Samsung was slammed with a $290 million verdict

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We all know about the on-going patent war between Apple and Samsung. Samsung has been lambasted with a $290 fine according to the verdict given by the jury deciding on the case. Today, we bring you the reason behind the additional hefty fine that Samsung has been asked to cough up, which they intended to cut down.

As told to Bloomberg, Jurors ‘Barry Goldman-Hall’ and ‘Colleen Allen’ said that one witness in particular was highly effective in deciding the case. Julie. L Davis, a former accountant brought over by Apple to replace their former Damages Expert who passed away, was particularly impressive.

Earlier in March, Samsung had won an arguement which saw the Billion dollar lawsuit slashed to just $450 million. But in the do-over Damages trial, Samsung wont get much of the original fine slashed – just $100 million. It wanted to have $178 million cut from the $230 million which accounts for profits made from the patent infringement.


Why Samsung was slammed with a $290 million verdict

Same strategy by Apple, with a twist

Apple used the same strategy which they followed in 2012 in the original trial. They brought in the same witnesses plus Ms. Davis, a certified public accountant and former Coming back to Ms. Davis, she was described as a “superstar witness” who was firm “even when she was cross-examined”. Ms Davis also helped then to reach the Damages sum.

Samsung now has to pay $929.83 million out of the original $1.05 billion amount, a mere $100 million less. The jurors had to arrive at this after hearing both parties and this was considered as middle ground. If you thought all was over, you’d be wrong! Come March another Patent case between Apple and Samsung will be initiated, this time the concern being their flagship devices iPhone 5 and Galazy S3 respectively.

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Scumbag twitter www.gizmophiliacs.com

Twitter removes Direct Message feature

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Twitter has done it again! It went ahead and removed the ‘Direct Message’ feature wherein you could send a message to anyone even if they were not following you back! Twitter backtracks on the DM Feature which many of us found to be useful. We wonder if it is going back in time.

In a related post on it’s blog, under the ‘Experiments’ page, the folks at twitter listed the reason to TheNextWeb asto what they were really trying to do. They said that they are constantly experimenting and that not a day goes by when they arent introducing new features. More like removing Features, if you ask us.

What was the DM feature all about?

Under Account Settings, there was a checkbox to t0ggle receiving DMs from users who weren’t following you back. This means you wont be able to send a DM to a user on your ‘Follower List’, unless they follow you. Talk about engaging or connecting people!

Scumbag twitter www.gizmophiliacs.com

Twitter removes Direct Message feature

Our Take

We always believe having options and functions that are available to the user is far more important than how much success a particular feature garnered. A month, is not a long duration to test out features and then remove them, not as if Twitter was receiving suggestions from it’s users like an App Dev and working on their reactions.

Emphasizing on the move being “just an Experiment” does not justify the fact that it was really something useful they have taken away from end users. Now if this is something they are going to put in a related App as rumoured, is a different thing altogether. But a separate app for sending messages on Twitter is just bad. It’s one more app for many people who don’t have infinite internal storage on their mobile phones. We would like to see how the same would work on a desktop. How will you access it? Would it be in-built like before? The reason we talking about Twitter on Mobile -

On it’s blog twitter said

“With the majority of our users accessing Twitter from a mobile device, it’s important for us to be able to test on mobile. Over time, you’ll continue to see us test and introduce new features first on mobile.”

More experiments for a better mobile experience is good but, Oh God, this is twitter and we really don’t want more apps for doing regular things that we do on apps for other social networking sites, this includes sending a direct message to someone.

About Rohit Bhatia

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Moto G vs Canvas 4 www.gizmophiliacs.com

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas 4

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Moto G vs Canvas 4 www.gizmophiliacs.com

Motorola Moto G vs Micromax Canvas 4

The Moto G is on everyone’s minds right now and we can assure you it is very exciting to say the least. A total budget phone with a Google backing and a list of powerful specifications mean this phone is the New working Class hero, just out from Motorola’s stables. But can it match up to the existing Budget Super Phones? Does it have enough to beat the Micromax Canvas 4? Let’s find out!

Our head-to-head battle will have the same rules as always to decide a winner. Phones will be judged on their Design, Unique Features, Hardware and most importantly in this case, their Cost!


Design-wise, both phones have been excellently built and look sturdy enough. The Moto G has the latest for protecting it’s display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 while the Canvas 4 doesn’t disappoint with it’s version of Corning Gorilla Glass protection either.

The Moto G has a curved back for a more firm grip than the Canvas 4. It’s also what we refer to as the “optimum size” in terms of screen dimensions standing at 4.5-inches tall. All this makes it very comfortable for one-hand use, if you are a big fan of the same.

Moto G Display

With the Micromax Canvas 4 at 5-inches, you will get the maximum screen canvas avilable for multimedia like Videos and Browsing when compared to the Moto G. Also it’s Anodized Aluminium back means it looks premium but tends to be more slippery. But this phone is not chunky and is infact thinner than the Moto G at just 8.9 mm compared to the Moto G’s 11.6 mm curved depth.

Design is usually a matter of choice and the fact that both these phones look quite sharp and brilliant in their own right, deciding a winner is not easy. The Colour options available on the Moto G along with interchangeable back panels called ‘Shells’ might give it an edge but cannot be the sole deciding factor. Although if you add that the Moto G takes it design inspiration from the Moto X, it certainly looks more stylish than the Canvas 4. With the placement of the speaker, the LED flash below the Camera and the Motorola Logo all in a line, it looks more presentable and less flashy.

Unique Features

Moto G

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and a confirmed upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat, make the Moto G unique than all Android phones put together right now, except the Nexus 5. Apart from that features like Motorola Migrate(transfer settings and contacts from your previous phone to the Moto G), Motorola Assist and a Clean, Minimalistic Camera UI give you a Pure Android experience. It also helps to keep your phone’s UI clean and keeps your phone running smoother and faster.

Assist brings Touchless Controls which let you navigate without ever touching your phone. Ask for directions, or whatever else you want – no hands necessary. It anticipates things you regularly do on your phone. For eg. silencing your phone before bed, taking only important calls and ignoring others and sending a message for the same with Auto Reply, reads text to you when you are driving , connects to bluetooth, tells you who’s calling. In all, a complete hands-free experience!

Canvas 4

micromax_canvas_4 www.gizmophiliacs.com

With the Canvas 4, you only need to hold the Canvas 4 to your ear to answer a call. It works the same way when you want to make a call to a contact on the screen. You can also Flip the phone back and over to put it in silent mode. Doing the same in an active call will activate the speaker for  you.

Apart from this there’s also the Blow to unlock/Shake to unlock feature which is more of a novelty. Swiping up and down on the screen can change the volume or brightness of the screen depending on what you are currently doing on your device.

It’s really a no-brainer here. Moto G takes the cake with it’s Assist based features whereas the Canvas 4 having some functional features, that are high on originality and innovation, fail to be useful further than a point.


On the hardware front, the Moto G has a clear advantage over the Canvas 4 with it’s latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset over Canvas 4′s MTK 6589 which is a year and a half old now. Also the Graphics Processor on the Moto G, Adreno 305  is far advanced than PowerVR SGX544.

Moto G Battery www.gizmophiliacs.com

Performance wise both phones can compete  effectively against most mid to high range devices, with 1 Gig of RAM each. The Canvas 4 though wins big on internal storage with a 16 GB being standard and with an option to expand upto 32 GB via MicroSD card. The Moto G doesn’t have one.

The Moto G on the other hand outperforms the Galaxy S4 in terms of basic tasks like booting up a phone, answering a call, launching a browser, a device 3 times its cost which testifies to why this round should go to the Moto G.


At close to INR 17,000 ($268), the Canvas 4 is aptly priced for a budget phone on steroids. The price for the Moto G in on the other hand is $179 (8 GB) and $199 (16 GB) in the US. For markets like India the price is currently being speculated starting at INR 15,000 and 18,000 respectively for the two variants. Too close to pick a winner here. This one’s a draw.

Spec Sheet Shootout

Motorola Moto G

Micromax Canvas 4


4.5 inches/143gm 5 inches/158gm

Screen Size

1280×720 pixels with 329 ppi 1280×720 pixels with 294 ppi

Processing Power

1.2 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A7 Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A7 MTK 6589

Graphics Processor

Adreno 305

PowerVR SGX544





8/16 GB storage with no MicroSD slot 16 GB storage expandable to 32GB with MicroSD slot


2070 mAh24 hours talktime (claimed) 2000 mAh8 hours talktime


5 Megapixel Rear with LED Flash with  720p Video Recording1.3 Megapixel Front 13 Megapixel Rear with LED Flash with 1080p Video Recording5 Megapixel Front with 720p Video Recording

Total Unique Score




Moto G wins the shootout

Our Verdict

The Moto G once it makes it’s arrival in India will take some time to sell as much as all previous super budget devices have, but it will get there! The Moto G has a better hardware on board, more power with less things to splurge it on, in a Pure Android environment. But that might not be it’s key selling point. Dual SIM variant with FM radio, that’s what the masses will love. Only thing going against it should be the pricing.

Motorola and Google after creating a fantastic device should not throw it all away with a reckless price tag for a device which is NOT a Moto X, let alone lacks the customizable options of it. I think it’s clear from all this Moto G talk that it’s a clear winner in this battle. But if you were impressed by the Canvas series of devices that Micromax have come up with uptil now and still believe, like we do, about it’s grit, then we suggest you drop a couple of grands more and buy a Canvas Turbo.

About Rohit Bhatia

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